Little White Dress (1)
My new fave dress for summer… this little white number from H&M. I’ll never be that girl “who can wear white and not spill on it” as Carrie Bradshaw once said, but that doesn’t stop me from buying several LWD. I’ve been looking for that perfect little white dress for what see

First Experience with Nip+Fab

‬Nip+Fab (1)
If you follow me on snapchat (CanFashionista) you would have seen that I picked up the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme on a recent trip to Shoppers Drug Mart. I’ve heard wonderful things about the brand Nip+Fab and since I was looking for something to go hand in hand with my monthly chemic

Flirty Skirt

Flirty Skirt (1)
If you follow me on snapchat (Canfashionista)… and if you don’t… why not…. you would have seen me purging my closet, yet again. Maybe in comes with age, maybe I’m just over short skirts or maybe I just need to invest in new styles, prints and patterns, but either way, I tossed over 30 of

How to Wear Pastels

rw x elle dress
When first getting into figuring out how to wear pastels, my first tip is not to overdo it. Try and keep both your hair and makeup simple and let the soft and feminine hues of the pastel doing that talking. The rest of your accessories should also be extremely subtle to ensure it doesn’t overpower