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Because clearly one bronzer is never enough, just like you probably own more than one lipstick, Too Faced believes in bronzer options. When looking for that perfect bronzer for any occasion, I tend to look to Too Faced. You may remember me talking about how magically these bronzers are in the past? It’s one of those amazing brands that offer a bronzer for every outfit, every mood, every moment and best of all, every skin tone. It’s nice to have a selection of bronzers that can easily take you from day to night, work to play. Each bronzer comes in its own colour coded box so you’re able to see which bronzer shade is on the inside before opening. The intense lineup consists of every day shade, a colour bronzer, three matte shades and 4 more unique shades that can actually help to add highlights and shimmer to your complexion.
too faced bronzer

On top of being incredibly rich, creamy and smooth, upon opening a few of the Too Faced compacts, you’ll immediately get hit with a warm, decedent hint of chocolate. Each shade is also extremely pigmented, applies like butter, blends in seamlessly and buffs into skin with ease.  It helps to achieve that perfect sun-kissed glow or even define and contour the cheekbones, depending on which shade you choose with ease. With a wide variety of both shimmery and matte finishes, that are never excessively warm or orange thanks to its cool pink undertones that resemble a natural tan skin, you’ll have no problem finding that perfect shade. It stays put the entire day, without fading, so whether it’s brunch with the girlfriends or drinks with your bae, Too Faced has a bronzer for you. Each shade retails for $41.
too faced bunny bronzer too faced bunny bronzer

Let’s chat about the “bunny” bronzer, all designed with 2 or more shades to create an array of different looks, along with a spotted bronzer filled with a trio of brightening shades.

too faced bunny bronzer too faced bunny bronzer too faced bunny bronzer

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer is the brand’s original and best-selling bronzer, and is your perfect day-to-day bronzer. Its subtle pink undertones help to mimic a flushed tan and isn’t too overpowering or in your face. It’s the most natural shade out of the collection and helps to add a subtle bronze effect to the skin. If you’re just starting out with bronzers, this is a safe place to start, but is also perfect in the dead of winter, when you might not be as tanned, but still looking for that sun-kissed, fresh off the beach look.
Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

Too Faced Beach Bunny contains 4 deep illuminating shades that when combined, instantly create a shimmery bronzed look. You can custom blend this bronzer to create an array of different beachy looks that’s perfect for a day spent by the ocean or lake. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin and helps to create a warm, realistic complexion. Apply it to the high points of your face, where the sun will naturally hit your skin, for a golden glow.
Too Faced Beach Bunny Too Faced Beach Bunny

Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer is perfect for beginners, its trio of skin-brightening and bronzing pigments create that perfect all-over illuminating glow that’s perfect for causal events. I can see this being extremely beautiful for Sunday brunch or an afternoon spent at the spa. This pinky tone bronzer is perfect for highlighting the tops of your cheekbones.
Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer

Too Faced Snow Bunny is perfect for us pale gals and is actually one of the first bronzers I owned. It isn’t too dark or too muddy, yet helps to add that perfect sun-kissed radiance to the skin. It’s slightly cooler tone shades, including a white and pink, mixed in with a bronze, helps to mimic a natural glow.

Too Faced Snow Bunny Too Faced Snow Bunny

The next group consists of your more “traditional” bronzer shades and all smell like rich, dark chocolate. All 3 are completely matte, making them not only the perfect bronzer, but ideal for contouring and defining your complexion. With a variety of shades, from light to deep, there’s a shade for every skin tone and effect.
Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil can not only help to add warmth to your complexion, it can also double as a contour shade by chiseling out your cheeks and adding definition. It’s completely matte finish will keep it looking natural, while its antioxidant-rich cocoa powders will help leave a radiant, irresistible glow.
Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil

Much like Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is also another beautiful contouring shade. It too is full of rich antioxidants, cocoa powder that’s perfect for everyday contouring. It creates an all-over deep rich tan that looks amazing on all skin tones and complexions.
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil is a slightly darker version of the Chocolate Soleil and perfect for those with deeper skin tones. It too helps to sculpt and contour the cheeks for a more dramatic, deep matte bronzed look.

Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil

Brand new this year, Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer, a luminous glow bronzer that comes in the most adorable heart shaped cardboard box. It features a baked formula in 2 shades, Golden Beige and Brewed Tea Bronze to help create both dimension and depth for a natural, healthy, bright complexion. This romantic bronzer gives a realistic flushed effect to your skin that will look beautiful on all skin tones.
Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer


  1. The Pink Leopard bronzer is one of my favourites! Love it!

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