Must-Have Millennial Pink Beauty Products

Millennial Pink Beauty Products
What are your fave pink beauty products? Blush, bubble gum, petal, pastel… call it whatever you want, but we can all agree that light pink hues have been popping up everywhere lately. Millennial pink is an Instagrammer’s dream, this soft, romantic shade is a go-to colour for clothing, shoes and

Smooth Sailing with Moroccanoil

Toronto Island When you get a Smooth Sailing with Moroccanoil invite on a boat, you say yes. I had an unforgettable evening touring the Toronto Island for the launch of the new Moroccanoil Smooth Collection. Upon boarding the ship, I was welcomed with a refreshing cocktail and I got to experience th

Moroccanoil Body

It’s safe to say by now, everyone is in love with Moroccanoil, the original and leader in professional argan oil hair products. We’ve all come to love its intoxicating scent, I’ve said it time and time again, when is the perfume coming out, but luckily for us, the brand has a new line of argan