A Letter to my Husband

London Western Fair, London Ontario, Fair Ontario
Western Fair Between the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget what’s most important in life…love. Whether it’s love between your parents, a close friend or a partner, love is what makes the world go around. This letter is to my best friend, my rock, my number one supporter, my everyt

Grimsby Historic Beach

Grimsby Historic Beach, Colourful Homes, Alice in Wonderland Homes, Gingerbread homes, Grimsby Homes
Gingerbread Homes If you’re ever on your way to Toronto or Niagara Falls, be sure to stop by Grimsby, Ontario (located between Stoney Creek and St. Catherine’s). Just off the QEW, hidden amongst lakeshore, you’ll find Grimsby Historic Beach. A colourful neighbourhood, that’s been around sinc

Expert Answers Your Botox Questions

Dr. Torgerson, botox,
Dr. Torgerson More and more people are having “work” done, yet it’s still taboo to talk about. The celebrity world is filled with women who are freezing their faces, yet still claim they’re 100% natural. This makes it seem like getting a little Botox to make you look and feel more confident