eBay Canada MyMix $100 Shopping Spree

And the winner of the $100 eBay MyMix Gift Card is……. Amy Mizen

My friends over at eBay Canada launched ebay Canada MyMix page last month which features curated collections of fashion, home decor, and tech items by eBay experts and want to help you create your own personalized #MYMIX using their new homepage Feed. Start your discovery on the new, inspiring eBay feed and win a $100 shopping spree to get your top must-have items for summer.

I’ve been ordering off eBay for about 12 years now and I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved; being from a small town (okay not that small) but our shopping is limited, so I often find myself searching ebay for coveted fashion items of the season and items I’m not able to locate in stores.

I just created my own eBay MyMix using the new Feed this past week and I’m in love. It allows me to gather all my favourite items all in one place, search for specific items like a Michael Kors watch, a new Rebecca Minkoff mini mac purse, some cute strappy sandals from Zaras, a statement necklace and some new boyfriend jeans. It’s all there, when I want it, where I want it and easily accessible when I go to purchase it.

Take a peek at my Feed right now:
ebay3 ebay1

I do highly recommend you create your own Feed to help keep track of all your favourite eBay finds. It won’t be long until you have a nice little collection and will want to go shopping; eBay and myself want to help you save money this summer by offering you a $100 Gift Card to shop eBay Canada and all you have to do is enter below telling me what is your must-have summer item from eBay to be entered.

So what did I end up getting……  stay tuned to find out.

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  1. Rose Gold Watch (of any brand)

  2. shoes and accessories..

  3. A summer hat and a maxi dress that is not too long for me!!

  4. I would def choose a Michael Kors Astor large chain shoulder tote on brown! Gorgeous!

    Thanks, Liss

  5. I would love a colorful purse!

  6. Summer dress and vibrant summer purse

  7. A new purse! My current one is falling apart!

  8. Every spring I go to ebay and look for lightweight long summer tops to wear to the beach! I never fail to find the right one for me!

  9. Love buying jewelry on Ebay to go with all my summer outfits

  10. Last year it was a rose gold watch, this year I think I need a cute purse

  11. nice shorts!!!!!

  12. A beautiful rose gold watch and brightly coloured bag! :)

  13. A cute maxi dress is what I need!! Cheers

  14. An armour ring that I got 2 years ago… sort of my signature now and I still get compliment everywhere I go :)

  15. Peacock feather nail decals!

  16. My must have is a cute maxi dress and a wicked pair of shoes!

  17. A cute pair of sandals

  18. Would LOVE a pair of hunter rainboots!

  19. Right now I’m looking for a beautiful pair of sandals.

  20. I’d love a few pairs of sunglasses– seems like that what a lot of people are searching for right now.

  21. Makeup with sunscreen and some new sunglasses!

  22. I’m looking for cute summer purses right now! I need a good one for hauling around festivals and farmer markets!

  23. My must is my sunglasses, maxi dress and great sandals

  24. White sandals!

  25. my pink g-shock watch

  26. Neon coloured capris

  27. a new maxi dress

  28. Summer dresses and sandals

  29. New shoes!

  30. summer dresses

  31. My must have summer item is a maxi length sun dress.

  32. A statement necklace in either mint or coral – since these are the colours of the season, I can instantly
    update my summer look from last year without breaking the bank!

  33. My must have summer items from ebay would be a Jell-o Beans mold and a Solar Powered Cooling Fan Baseball cap

  34. I need a beach Bag for the days by the pool

  35. The Strappy heels, Rose Gold Watch & Bagss, are GORGEOUSSS

  36. I would love some sandals

  37. A Coach handbag!

  38. Summer floral jumpers

  39. Summer sandals and a summer purse would be what I would most want!

  40. Must have summer item from Ebay: Ray-Bans! Or an MK Watch! :)

  41. Must have summer item from Ebay: Ray-Bans!

  42. Maxi dresses and summer sandals

  43. bright accessories!

  44. nice pair of sunglasses!

  45. A new camera lense to capture my kids running about and enjoying the sunshine!

  46. Max Dress <3

  47. A small cross body bag

  48. I want a pair of high heel sandals with ankle strap! (Soph Y)

  49. I would love a nice statement necklace!

  50. my must have is a blue and white striped nautical themed dress.

  51. I’m all over a statement purse this summer! eBay is the best spot for a great handbag at a steal!

  52. a GoPro

  53. I’d love a nice handbag by Marc Jacobs or a Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody

  54. Crochet hats for my daughter only ones i can keep on her and i accessorize with cute flowers i made myself!!!

  55. right now I am looking for a new summer purse and some new sandals for the whole family , a new swimsuit would be great too . ebay has a great selection of all of these

  56. I need a few things for the house and a pair of sandals

  57. I’m looking to buy a new summer clutch! There is a kate spade license plate one i’ve been stalking ebay for…

  58. maxi dresses

  59. Love ebay! Crossing my fingers.

  60. a summer dress!!!

  61. Must-have summer items?? Top on my list … more maxi dresses, statement necklaces and a bright-coloured purse! :D

  62. Some China Glaze nailpolish in neon colors!

  63. A Rose Gold Watch!

  64. A maxi dress!

  65. dress and sandals

  66. I am currently on the hunt for some limited edition MAC goodies! ebay is amazing for finding hard to find things!

  67. The pastel green-lilac-yellow statement necklace is one of the nicest that I’ve seen since they came into fashion, hope you got it.

  68. Fun sunglasses!

  69. Sandals!

  70. Sunglasses are a must for me all year round but I look less weird wearing them in the summer! hehe. I love collecting them so that i have a selection to choose from! I am currently looking for new aviators

  71. summer sun dress

  72. I would like a nice pair of sunglasses.

  73. A Coach wallet!!

  74. Sandles

  75. Rayban Wayfarers!

  76. A new pair of sunglasses

  77. Looking for a great new maxi dress! :D

  78. An MK watch!!!

  79. A fun coloured pair of wedges

  80. My La Canadienne Sandals! LOVE!

  81. shoes for my wife!

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