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Hush Puppies continue to be a brand I trust and love, partly because of its relaxed and stylish designs, and also because of its lightweight crepe sole that gives extra comfort in each step. Each shoes is crafted to be tremendously comfortable for the entire day. It’s soft and breathable designs keep you cool in extreme heat and warm during those long chilly winters. It’s authentic and unique styles are known worldwide thanks to its classic, yet modern twist.

Over the next 7 days I’ll be showcasing 7 of Hush Puppies new arrivals, styling them for both office and play and both day and night. Depending on your wants and needs, Hush Puppies have the perfect boot or shoe for you this winter. They want to gift one of my readers a pair (your choice out of the 7 pairs I’ll be showcasing) by entering the Rafflecopter below.

Today it’s all about the Ilsa Sisany in Wine (also comes in brown and black) that features cushioned triangle footbed that conforms to the way you walk, providing air circulation, flexibility and superior support with soft synthetic leather that’s extremely chic and stylish.

What I Wore, Sweater- Cleo, Jacket- H&M, Hat- H&M, Sunglasses- Coach, White Alternate Leaves Necklace – c/o Shop Style Unstructured, Pants- H&M, Clutch- Coach, Watch- Caravelle New York, Booties- c/o Hush Puppies
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  1. Classics! <3 it. PS LOVE the silver/gray with the pop of wine! So chic!!!!!

  2. Ankle boots have my heart, and Hush Puppies are soooo comfy!

  3. a tall boot , to the knee , in tan :D

  4. I love a good saddle boot!

  5. I would love ankle boots, I currently don’t own a pair

  6. Ankle boots! I wish I had the height to pull off over the knee boots though, I love those!

  7. ankle high and tan. I love the styles that they have for this collection.

  8. I love flat, knee-high boots

  9. I need a new pair of boots…ankle style.

  10. Love ankle booties!

  11. I would love ankle boots, I currently don’t own a pair, and they look so good with leggings and skinny jeans.

  12. I love those ankle boots!

    But seriously, I need your pants.

  13. It’s always been knee-high boots with a bit of heel :)

  14. Ankle boots

  15. I am most excited about some tall fur lined boots!

  16. Love comfy booties but a pair of simple Addidas Superstar is also perfect for fall

  17. I love ankle booties!

  18. I have always been and continue to be really excited about knee-high boots. They’re the best part of winter and the only real reason to live somewhere snowy.

  19. I love flat ankle boots.

  20. I love thick soled, flat, high ankle boots

  21. Any kind of boot!

  22. LOVE the sequined pants! I’m totally obsessed with ankle boots. They’re perfect for fall.

  23. ankle boots for my wife

  24. I am excited about the ankle boots!

  25. I love booties around this time of year.

  26. I love a riding boot! They are so versatile and are always in style!

  27. I don’t have any ankle boots yet. There are two pairs I’m deciding between but I can only afford one so I will be making a decision by this weekend:)

  28. I’m loving short boots this fall.

  29. Is the giveaway open to USA?

  30. I’m excited about flat, knee high boots. A riding boot style.

  31. knee high boots

  32. Im loving the ankle boots this season! Im sure my Knee Highs will be needed a bit but I would love to wear the Ankle boots whenever possible!

  33. I am so into the shorter style of boots.Apparently I have VERY short legs from knee to ankle which makes finding full length boots a trial.

  34. I am just happy that booties and ankle boots are still in style! They are my favorites! ❤️

  35. I love the ankle boots this season!! being a stay at home mom I like be comfortable, have a lightweight boot but also still be in style!! These boots have it all!!

  36. I love the ankle boots I’m seeing this Fall! :)

  37. I’m all over ankle boots! Thanks!

  38. my favourite are the Ankle Boots!

  39. I love the ankle boots!

  40. I love the Ankle Boots so Fun & Versatile I desperately need new boots Thanks for the chance.

  41. I really like the ankle boot style

  42. I love the ankle boots – they’re so versatile

  43. I’m most excited about booties! They can be dressed up or down and go well with most outfits!

  44. I’d love a pair of booties.

  45. I am excited for booties

  46. I love the ankle boot for this season.

  47. love the ankle boot!

  48. I really like the Hardy Design Works! :)

  49. Like many people, I like the ankle boot this season.

  50. Ankle boots!

  51. I’m most looking forward to wearing moto boots. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. ankle boots

  53. Ankle boots for me!

  54. Ankle boots

  55. Gotta be ankle boots

  56. I have to say the ankle boots! They are super cute!

  57. I am excited about tall boots.

  58. Ankle boots

  59. I’m always excited about fall ankle boots!

  60. knee high boots

  61. Ankle booties! :)

  62. I really like the mid-height boots with laces up the front.

  63. My favourite part of fall is the resurgence of the heeled bootie! Love the ones you’re wearing here!

  64. Im most excited for burgundy colored shoes!

  65. ankle boots

  66. Love ankle booties for me :)

  67. booties for me

  68. Ankle boots

  69. I like the style of ankle boots.

  70. A pair of slimming pointy toe ankle booties is definitely a must have for any fall and winter.

  71. Booties!

  72. Boots, glorious boots! Love all styles! These in brown would be awesome!

  73. i like the mid leg length boots

  74. Dark coloured ankle boots!

  75. I am most excited about ankle boots this season.
    Florence C

  76. black ankle boots are what i would like

  77. I like boots with a chunky heel and buckles.

  78. I love black booties! You can wear them with Everything !

  79. I like a strong chunky rubbery super high wedge sole on a plain suede trim brown boot.

  80. I like black boots with a very good grip

  81. Booties!

  82. I love the Gitte Moorland boots- theyre beautiful

  83. I like a good mid rise boot. always a classic

  84. Snow boots because last year I only had fashion boots, I need some warm ones!

  85. Knee High boots are always my fav :)

  86. I still like a just below the knee pair of boots

  87. I am just getting into booties this season. Maybe with a tiny wedge too

  88. ankle boots with loads of detail

  89. Most excited for booties

  90. That strappy red bootie!!

  91. love black ankle boots

  92. I love the way you highlighted the red boots against the silver fabrics.

  93. I liked like to get a nice ankle boot

  94. Definitely the ankle boots!

  95. ankle boots! without a big heal ;)

  96. I think a mid calf length boot in a brown is what I am on the hunt for.

  97. I’m an Ankle boots girl!

  98. I love black ankle boots this season

  99. Ankle boots in wine colour or black.

  100. What a killer colour boot!

  101. I like the ankle boots with a wedge heel this season.

  102. I am looking forward to picking up a pair of ankle boots!

  103. a nice boot with a heel that is warm and has some traction

  104. black ankle boots this season

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