Joe Fresh Nail Polish

First off you ladies know I’m a huge fan of Joe Fresh,  I love their clothing, its fashionable, trendy, amazing quality & the price is perfect, but the Joe Fresh Nail Polish, I’m not too sure about???

The first coat I put on was really sheer and really streaky (compared to my normal nail polish from OPI). Drying time was 4 minutes which I thought was okay as most companies advertise one minute dry time, but they lie.  I did feel like I had to put a lot of product on just to see the colour. After 4 minutes I went onto the second coat, again having to put a lot of product on to even see the difference from the first coat. I feel like I’m using double the polish than I would have been using with OPI, which means I’m going to use two times as much product & the bottle will not last a long?

I did the math & with Joe Fresh you’re getting 6ml for $4 ($.666ml), OPI cost you a little more at about $10 a bottle but you are getting 15ml (which means it’s the exact same price per ml). So unless you want more colours with less ml, you would be better off sticking with a higher end brand that will last longer?

As for how long the nail polish last you can see from the picture, not very long (only 4 days).

First picture is right after I put the colour one & you can see it’s very thin & streaky. Second picture was not even 24 hours later, already starting to chip. Keep in mind I don’t do manual labour, I don’t even wash the dishes, this is pretty much just sitting around watching TV. Third day (I did go to work), but as you can tell it was already pretty bad. Finally on the fourth day, I took the nail polish off in the AM as there was no way I was going out of the house with my nails looking like this.

All of Joe Fresh nail polish did not even last 4 days (where my OPI would last a min. of 7 days). So for the price of it, the quality & even the low colour selection I would have to pass on buying it again (unless there was a really cool colour I wanted to wear for a one day event).

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