June 23rd, 2013- Welcome to the World of Construction

Welcome to the world of construction!

I thought after living in our house for almost 6 years the construction in my neighbourhood would finally be finished. It was bad enough having only 6 houses on our street for 5 years, and finally when the last 2 houses were built this year, I thought we’d be out of the construction zone, boy was I wrong. It’s hard being a blogger and having your husband work midnights, luckily for me, my hubby will get up out of a dead sleep, in the middle of the day, to take my pictures, just wish we had the time to go someplace “pretty”. Do we like seeing construction trucks, porta-potties and dirt in the background of all my pictures? Hehe Not to mention I hate walking in the mud, dirt and un-even pavement to take the pictures, shoes are always getting damaged.

Tee- Smart Set- $16- in stores now
Blazer- $65- Smart Set- Feb 2013
Purse- Michael Kors Logo Print Signature Tote -$225- in stores now
Red Jeans- c/o- Bluenotes

Shoes- Urban Originals- $30- June 2011
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