Luster 1 Hour White Review:

We all want whiter teeth but our everyday life activities might be getting in the way of having that perfect smile. Yellowing teeth come from a variety of things from smoking, drinking a little too much wine, cola, teas and coffee, to sugars and so much more, luckily Luster 1 Hour White has the answer for you.

I was given their 1 Hour Whitening over-the-counter take home kits to test out along with some of their whitening tooth paste. Luster is unlike all those other at home kits that rely on messy trays and strips that never stay put on your teeth long enough for them to work. Luster uses a light system much similar to the ones the dentist use, but for a fraction of the price. Lusters light system uses a paint-on gel and an activating light to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. Luster 1 Hour White can whiten your teeth up to 6 shades in little as one hour and the best part, with no sensitivity.

From someone who has used the dentist treatment, Zoom, and hated every minute of it, I would totally recommend this product before even thinking about going to see the professionals. I had Zoom Whitening done about 3 years ago, with a hefty price tag of $900 and only finished 2 ½ sessions out of the 4 that which were offered/ what I paid for. The pain was unreal, something I’ve never experienced before (way worst than any headache, migraine, surgery, braces I’ve ever dealt with in the past). My pain tolerance is pretty high from years of suffering with migraines, and let me tell you I would much rather have the worst migraine than deal with 5 minutes of the pain from Zoom. I was on heavy doses of T3 for 4 days, the “zingers” as they call them last for days, every time the cold air came into my mouth, every time I swallowed, brushed my teeth, ate anything, pretty much even talked those zingers would take my breath away. Never ever would I do this again, and to tell you the truth I was not too happy with the turn out, sure my teeth were white, but almost too white, you know that movie star over the top, super fake white, didn’t look natural at all.

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So now onto the review, Luster White is super easy to use, I did it while I was watching T.V. and luckily for me I have a T.V. in my loft which is right across from the bathroom. Each kit comes with an Accelerator Mouth Rinse (8 fl oz/ 235 ml), Super Whitener Gel (.34 fl oz/ 10 ml) and Activating Whitening Light all for only $44.99.

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Here are the easy steps one must follow to get that perfect smile in little as 1 hour. First up shake the mouth rinse and take about 10ml and swish it around in your mouth for 10 seconds making sure to cover all your teeth. It has a minty taste to it, sort of like a tooth paste. 

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Next up take the super whitener gel and paint each tooth, re-dipping into the gel after each tooth. When finished wait about 20 seconds to let the gel dry.

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Next up take the activating whitening light and place it onto your teeth and press the on button. It will beep to let you know it’s started and after 2 minutes it will beep again to let you know it’s done. You repeat these steps as many times as you like, recommended 10-20 times for best results. If you are doing the full 20 you must rinse your mouth with water after the 10th treatment before going onto 11-20.

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The first day I only did 10 treatments, as I ran out of time. It took me about 45 minutes to finish the 10 treatments, but this was only because I was taking my time and maybe watching a little too much T.V? On the second day I finished the other 10 treatments in about 35 minutes, so total time about an hour and 20 minutes. My teeth were noticeable whiter, but a realistic white, enough for people to notice but not enough to make them look fake. The best part was I could eat, talk, drink, breath right away (on both days) with no sensitivity at all. 

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I also have enough rinse and gel left to do some touch up treatments later on when needed. For only $45 I would totally recommend this product, perfect for the summer months with all those special events, weddings, showers, backyard parties and gatherings you will be attending. 



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