March 12th, 2013- Fashion Magazine Style Panel Question

Fashion Magazine Style Panel Question is how to style metallics; if you’ve been watching the runways lately you’ve seen that metallics are huge right now, especially metallic dresses and although I do love the look of them they seem a little over the top for every day wear? Unless I was attending some fancy event I think a metallic top or bottom would be much more versatile and since they’re a neutral it can be paired with anything. I would suggest wearing one metallic piece at a time and also choose a form-fitting piece paired with a looser blouse or pants for a more balanced look.

Top- RW & Co. -$55- in stores now
Watch- Guess- $199
Pants- RW & Co. -$68- in stores now

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  1. You look great, congrats on all your success!

  2. Wow, great look, totally wearable… congrats on Fashion Magazine, thats huge

  3. Just wanted to let you know how lucky Fashion Magazine is to have to apart of their fashion panel, a true talent, congrats

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