March 2011 Giveaway

And the winner for March is Kristin Rene, she’s the new owner of a teal wallet & statement necklace. Her most embarrassing fashion moment was back in High School where she went through a huge skater phase. She had dark purple hair, wore like 3 chains around her neck (remember those oversized keychain-type chains that were silver with all the balls??) a combo of that type chain with her own made out of bright colored beads, the major oversized wide leg Jean, and huge baggy hoodies with dragons on them!!! 

Oh! And right after that came the short haircut where you twist back like 10 rows of hair with butterfly clips, and spike it all up at the back! 

I had a blast reading everyones most embarrassing fashion moment, one trend you wish you could take back, a style that never should have been able to leave the house, something you wore that you now regret wearing, a fashion mistake, etc??? 

Mine would have to be rocking the low-rise jeans with a super short top. Think early 2000, when “I’m a Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears first came out, yes I was that girl in the club with her high heels, almost illegal low-rise jeans & super short top, rocking the night away. What was I thinking????

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