Nicole by OPI Modern Family Giveaway

And the winner of the Modern Family Giveaway is……. Karla Sceviour!

I’m always the last one to start watching T.V. shows, I have yet to see a single episode of The Simpson, Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, The Sopranos, the list goes on and yet I know they’re all top rated shows. I just started watching Modern Family, okay I’m only 4 episodes in, but I’m already loving it and not sure why I waited this long to watch it? Are you are fan, keep reading for a chance to enter my Nicole by OPI Modern Family Giveaway.

Nicole by OPI has partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and launched 14 new nail lacquers inspired by the award winning comedy, Modern Family that captures the shows colourful personalities. The collection features classic taupe, sparkling pink, pastel hues like sea foam and periwinkle to brighter cobalt and red-violet.

“From studious Alex to bombshell Gloria, to classic (and neurotic) Claire, to flirty Haley, there are shades to represent each of these uniquely fabulous women – and everyone else in the blended family” explains Weiss-Fischmann.

What to win half the collection, with shades of She’s Lily Something, Basking in Gloria, Luke of the Draw, A Phil’s Paradise, Candid Cameron, Back in My Gloria Days… and What’s the Mitch-uation?, enter below telling me which is your favourite shade and follow me on social media for more chances to win; good luck!
Nicole by OPI Modern Family

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  1. Luke of the draw

  2. I love “Basking in Gloria”

  3. I LOVE Nail Polish lol :)

  4. Basking in Gloria and Back in My Gloria Days

  5. Luke of the Draw looks good.

  6. Duke of the Draw! :)

  7. LOVE Luke of the Draw!

  8. I need She’s Lily Something!

  9. A Phil’s Paradise! So fun!

  10. “She’s Lily Something” looks great!

  11. I like Basking in Gloria

  12. I love A Phil’s Paradise!

  13. My favourite is Back in My Gloria Days!

  14. Love these shades, especially Basking in Gloria!

  15. Basking in Gloria is my favourite shade as well! :)

  16. My favourite shade from the OPI Modern Family Collection is A Phil’s Paradise. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Holidays!!!

  17. She’s Lily Something

  18. I love She’s Lily Something!

  19. Candid Cameron!

  20. I love the marriah carrey set!

  21. Candid Cameron, although Back in my Gloria Days is a close second

  22. My favorite is Back in my Gloria days

  23. I like luke of the draw

  24. Back in My Gloria Days, so pretty!

  25. I like the Basking in Gloria shade

  26. luke of the Draw!

  27. Candid Cameron!!!!!!!!

  28. She’s Lily Something, it’s quite different from the normal sparkle ones I have.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Love Basking in Gloria!

  30. I like a Like Haley Story the best

  31. I like Candid Cameron.

  32. I like the Basking in Gloria

  33. Luke of the draw :)

  34. I like She’s Lily Something

  35. basking in gloria

  36. she’s lily something

  37. I really like Back in my Gloria Days.

  38. Basking in Gloria

  39. I like Basking in Gloria

  40. I like Back In My Gloria Days

  41. I’d like to see my wife in any of these colors. They all look great

    • Well good luck to you, you’d have a very happy wife I’m sure!

  42. Basking in Gloria!

  43. Basking in gloria

  44. Basking in Gloria is my personal fave!

  45. i really like Candid Cameron, i like the others too.

  46. She’s Lily Something!

  47. Love Candid Cameron!

  48. Basking in Gloria is nice! Great contest! Thanks for the chance!

  49. I like Basking in Gloria

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