OPI Washington DC Collection Review

Although I’ve never actually watched an episode of Scandal, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the show. It stars the oh-so-beautiful and talented Kerry Washington, who just so happens to be the first creative ambassador for OPI. This August the brand will release the new OPI Washington DC Collection that features 12 permanent shades, alongside 3 limited edition shades, inspired by the political drama show and the capital city of Washington. This dramatic, sophisticated, rich and lush lineup provides a chic and stylish spin on classic fall hues in creamy reds, deep olives, lush greens, traffic-stopping yellows that’s pure, powerful and fashion-forward.
OPI Washington DC OPI Washington DC OPI Washington DC

Of course the OPI Washington DC Collection comes with OPI’s famous rich and creamy, true-to-bottle colour that you have come to love and respect from the brand. Its unique brush is easy to use and deposits just the right amount of polish for a seamless and effortless application. It covers the entire nail in a few simple strokes and all 15 shades are truly opaque in as little as 2 to 3 coats. Each shade retails for $12.50.
OPI Washington DC OPI Washington DC

OPI CIA = Color is Awesome is a smart, dusky blue for secret-agent fashionistas. It’s quite a unique shade, slightly green, slightly teal, and slightly blue.

OPI Stay Off The Lawn!! Is a deep, lush green that you won’t want to trespass on.

OPI Suzi – The First Lady of Nails commands the political scenes in this chic olive. This is a lovely camo, almost khaki green that is unlike any other colour in my collection.
OPI Washington DC Collection (6)

OPI Never a Dulles Moment is a curry yellow seen on airport and fashion week runways. This is a cheery, happy, dust yellow that’s slightly warmer and more muted than your traditional bright yellow.

OPI Pale to the Chief is a nearly nude that’s almost scandalous. It has almost a pearly shimmer to it that although you may not be able to see it until you’re close up, it gives a little something extra to an otherwise basic neutral.

OPI Yank My Doodle is a get a tawny copper mani and call it macaroni. Kinda obsessed with this burnt orange shade at the moment, in makeup, fashion and nails.
OPI Never a Dulles Moment

OPI CIA = Color is Awesome, OPI Stay Off The Lawn!!, OPI Suzi – The First Lady of Nails, OPI Never a Dulles Moment, OPI Pale to the Chief and OPI Yank My Doodle
OPI Stay Off The Lawn! OPI Stay Off The Lawn!

OPI Freedom of Peach is a creamy peach and your fashion right to wear it. This rich and creamy pumpkin-y almost peaching shade that not only looks incredible on the nails right now, it will be the perfect shade for fall.  

OPI Squeaker of the House is a chocolate brown that’s so yummy, it crosses party lines. A beautiful creamy, milky brown.

OPI Shh… It’s Top Secret! is a deep, deep brown that’s so dark, it’s almost incognito. This is an intense dark chocolate brown that almost looks black once applied to the nails.
OPI Freedom of Peach

OPI Madam President is a commanding red with real oval office power. It’d say it’s more of a deep, intense, rich pink than red, but whatever she is, she’s beautiful.

OPI By Popular Vote is a landslide victory in this cool apple red that’s a real winner. This is a stunning blue-raspberry, almost rosy red.

OPI We The Female hereby authorized you to wear this empowering garnet. This strong and powerful dark oxblood red with a cream finish.
OPI Madam President

OPI Freedom of Peach, OPI Squeaker of the House, OPI Shh… It’s Top Secret!, OPI Madam President, OPI By Popular Vote and OPI We The Female
OPI We The Female OPI We The Female

OPI Kerry Blossom is one of the special limited edition bonus shades and accomplished stateswomen love this plum with capital flair. This plummy berry shade looks almost like a blackened plum with a cream finish.

OPI “Liv” In The Gray is another of the special limited edition bonus shades that’s an edgy, sophisticated dark grey that makes a strong federal case. It’s a beautiful grey with a hint of blue that keeps it interesting and unique.

OPI Inside the ISABELLEtway is another of the special limited edition bonus shades that’s a caramel crème that all Washington’s movers and shakers want. Although not my favourite, I can see a lot of people gravitating to this sheer, light brown for the fall.
OPI Kerry Blossom OPI Kerry Blossom OPI Kerry Blossom

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