Polka Dot Cigarette Pants

Pink and Navy

If I’m being completely honest, I think I totally wore this outfit in grade 2 (the polka dot cigarette pants and fuzzy sweater that is), not the high heels. I most likely won for best dressed second grader hehe. I still love me some hot pink, but when it’s paired with navy… it’s even better. This fluffy sweater has been sitting in my closet waiting to be worn, and something about the hot pink and navy with the crispness of the white sweater, just works.

What I Wore
Sweater- Smart Set
Purse- Kate Spade
Watch- Fossil
Bracelet – gift from hubby
Bracelet- c/o Swarovski
Cigarette pants- H&M
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  1. great pants and awesome shoes. Nothing like a pop of pink in a snow storm to help put one in a positive frame of mind

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