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Amber is the creative brains behind popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, Canadian Fashionista. She’s a professional shopaholic from Ontario, Canada dedicated to showing women how to look fashionable and feel great on a budget. When she’s not running her own successful handbag business, Purseaholics or planning Charity events for the foundation she helped create, The DASH, she can be found stalking her local malls and boutiques in search of the perfect pieces to add to her ever growing wardrobe or the newest beauty item on the market.

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Although we all love high-end designer brands the majority of people can’t afford it, Amber hopes to inspire people find new outfits in their own closets, where to find the latest shopping deals, her daily styles, new beauty trends, unique companies she finds as well as reviewing beauty products for that every day “it” girl. Amber enjoys taking baths alone (but somehow the husband always ends up in it?). Loves the colour pink. Has never tried smoking, watched an episode of the Simpsons or been on a blind date. Hates No Name products. Believes in Karma. Suffers from headaches and migraines. Has not been sick since the age of 8. Loves to be right (all the time) and is right all the time. On the board of a Charity (The Dash) in honor of her best friend that passed away from cancer. Loves to scrapbook. Wishes to be taller hence the reason she only wears high heels. Hates guys that wear jerseys (unless they’re football players). Loves taking pictures (of everything). Has had the same bank code since she was 12. Has seen every episode of Seinfeld at least 30 times.
Canadian Fashionista, Canadian Beauty Blogger, Fashion Blog, Blogger, Canadian

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