Vasanti Cosmetics Lipshine Giveaway


Vasanti Cosmetics, one of my favourite Canadian brands, offers a wide range of products that encourage women to enhance their natural beauty by increasing skin radiance and glow, has just introduced 4 new shades to their already popular Lipshine collection. It’s infused with Vitamin E and antioxidants to help keep lips moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. It comes in a traditional transparent lip gloss tube, where you’re able to see the colour within and features a standard doe-foot applicator. It has a very thin, smooth and creamy texture that is highly pigmented and provides true opaque colour in a few easy swipes. It has a glossy finish that’s never sticky. Because of this, it only lasts a few hours on the lips before fading, but thanks to its sweet, fruity, candy-like scent, you won’t mind reapplying it. It’s the perfect lip gloss to wear on its own, thanks to its bold, bright, extremely shiny finish, but looks equally gorgeous paired over your favourite lipstick for that extra pop of luster.Vasanti Lipshine  (1) Vasanti Lipshine  (2)

I’ve teamed up with the lovely ladies at Vasanti to host a Vasanti Cosmetics Lipshine Giveaway for 3 lucky followers. The winners will receive a mason jar filled with the 4 new Vasanti Lipshines in River Flinn, Rio Grande, Belle River and St. Lawrence, along with endless amounts of jelly beans.Vasanti Lipshine  (4)

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  1. No this is the first I hear of them.

  2. No I have never ever heard of Vasanti before but I will definitely keep an eye out for them. Love the lip glosses.

  3. I have not yet tried vasanti products but I have heard of them

  4. Never seen them before but how exciting!

  5. I have not – would love to try them out!

  6. I haven’t but would love to

  7. I have not experienced Vasanti before, but I checked out their site and their products look intriguing and selection quite impressive.

  8. I have not experienced Vasanti before but I have heard about the brand.

  9. I haven’t seen Vasanti in Montreal

  10. i haven’t tried the brand before :)

  11. I think I’ve tried a Vasanti blush before from a monthly subscription box.

  12. no, so i hope i win!

  13. Yes and I LOVE the face base! Thanks for the great giveaway! :D

  14. i have not tried the products yet

  15. have not tried them yet but i would really love to.

  16. I’ve not tried any of their products before. Love the lip colours.

  17. I haven’t tried them before — I actually haven’t noticed them in stores before. Are they in Shoppers?

  18. oh i never try them before, honestly i just heard about vasanti brand from your blog :-) but i would love to try it

  19. I’ve never tried Vasanti products before, actually just started seeing them around.

  20. No, I have never tried Vasanti yet.

  21. I’ve never tried Vasanti before but I’ve heard really great things about them!

  22. These colors are so beautiful, Nothing like a bright lip on a dull day. Pick-me-Up.

  23. I haven’t tried this brand before

  24. Nope, never tried it

  25. I have not tried Vasanti before but the reviews I have read, have been wonderful. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  26. never have tried but would love to!

  27. I haven’t tried Vasanti before but these glosses look awesome!

  28. I have just heard of this brand and haven’t tried yet

  29. Honestly I’ve never tried them before. Thanks for giving us the chance to do so. :)

  30. Not yet, would love to though :)

  31. no, I have not tried them yet but I would love too!!

  32. This is the first I have heard of Vasanti cosmetics.

  33. I wanna win. The one thing i’m short of in my makeup case are lipglosses!

  34. No I have not but I am LOVING these colours :)

  35. I haven’t tried a Vasanti product before but they look nice!

  36. I haven’t tried any Vasanti products before but would love to!

  37. I haven’t tried it yet.

  38. I haven`t tried vasanti products before but I love these colours!

  39. Haven’t had a chance to try these products yet, but they look so yummy!

  40. I never tried it, would love to! I always use lip stick or lip balm.

  41. No I havent tried it

  42. I haven’t tried this line yet.

  43. No, have not experience Vasanti before.

  44. Nope! Would love to try it though.

  45. No I have never tried it before

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