April 23rd, 2014- Nayme Necklace Giveaway

What’s in a name? An entire story. Nayme Necklace are subtle, personal and beautiful way of expressing your love for your name or for that special someone in your life. It representing one of their most intimate attributes in your life by tracing the history of your name and reveailing its true meaning. Each Nayme Necklace comes beautifully packaged in a personalized gift box detailing the name, its origin and meaning on the inside lid. All necklaces are designed and manufactured in Canada and made from high quality, tarnish resistant .925 sterling silver.

Finding my Amber necklace couldn’t be easier, just search my name (or anyone elses name) in the search bar and the perfect personalize name automatically pops up. My Amber necklace represents me to a tee, Amber is of English origin meaning “jewel, amber stone,” represented by our precious gemstone.

How amazing would this Nayme necklace be for Mother’s Day? The first gift your mom gave you was your name, now give her the gift she’ll cherish forever. Give her a necklace that symbolizes her own name, or surprise her, with my personal favourite, the symbol of her children’s name(s). This special keepsake will remind her of the important people in her life and with so many unique ways to wear it, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s your chance to win your very own Nayme Necklace, keep it for yourself or give it to your mom, either way, its a giveaway you’re not going to want to miss. Nayme Necklace  (1) Nayme Necklace  (9) Nayme Necklace  (2) Nayme Necklace  (7) Nayme Necklace  (5) Nayme Necklace  (4) Nayme Necklace  (8)

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  1. My own — Sophia!

  2. I would get one for my mum – Czarina.

  3. I would have to think about it but maybe my name or Megan for my friend.

  4. love the blazer !! thanks for the giveaway :) xxxx

  5. for the name, it will be mine ! laurence :P

  6. I would get Audrey for my niece!

  7. I would get Amy for my daughter.

  8. I would get “Joelle” because i have trouble finding anything personal regarding my name.

  9. I would get Pamela for me@!

  10. I wouold get my name(RAZIA).. as I can never find it anywhere..

  11. I would get Giz.

  12. I would get one for my mother, Cathy.

  13. I would probably get melinda for myself

  14. I would get my own name: DaNesha.

  15. I’d get my name – I’ve wanted a nayme forever!

  16. I’d love to get my mom’s name, but the necklace for Katherine is much prettier :) I’ll compromise by giving her the necklace with my name, hehe.


  17. I would get Cathy

  18. My mum – Corazon

  19. Suzanne is the name I would get.

  20. They don’t have my name yet. Not surprising really! Great photos as always.

  21. Suzi is what I would get

  22. I like the Jennifer necklace!

  23. Catherine – pure

  24. I would get the Brenda necklace.

  25. Lori for me

  26. I would choose Lori

  27. Sandy!

  28. Michelle

  29. Beautful

  30. Megan

  31. April

  32. Victoria

  33. Doris

  34. FOXX

  35. Michelle

  36. Showstopper!

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