ARTDECO Giveaway

ARTDECO is a new favourite cosmetic brand of mine, I introduced you to them a few weeks ago (see full review here) and now it’s time for you to test these beauties out for yourself. The wonderful people over at ARTDECO let me pick out my 3 favourite things to host a ARTDECO giveaway and give one lucky follower the chance to win; although it was hard to pick only 3, cause I really do love everything, I went with their eyeshadows, due to their rich, silky, highly pigmentation texture, their blush for its Vitamin C and Vitamin E that provide an anti-aging character unlike any other product I’ve tried and finally their lipstick, cause every girl needs a new, right?

To enter, just use the Rafflecopter below, must be Canadian and I encourage all of you to check out ARTDECO’s website and join all forms of their social media for extra entries. Good-Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My fave beauty product for Fall is rich berry lip colour!

    Thanks, Lisa

  2. My fav beauty product of fall is wine nail polish.

  3. I love berry everything!

  4. A deep plum lipstick!

  5. My fave product for dall is def my darker nail polish & lipsticks

  6. I like a dark lip colour for fall

  7. I like to switch to a deeper blush and lip. This season wine is my choice!

  8. For fall? A good blush or an illuminator!

  9. I need body lotion in this damp weather

  10. I love a lip gloss in a berry shade and black mascara!

  11. Wine coloured lips!! I love Fall :)

  12. I love rose blush for fall.

  13. My fave beauty item for fall is the dark vampy berry lip.

  14. Rose colored blush!

  15. hands down…illuminator and mascara

  16. Metallic nail polishes.

  17. Love nudes & browns & reds for me!

  18. The Plums and Berry shades especially the rich dark lipsticks!

  19. Moisturizer because I get really dry skin!

  20. My favorite beauty product for Fall is a lip balm!

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    Karen Tsang

  21. Smokey brown or grey eyeshadows

  22. Fall time means darker nail colours.

  23. I just found out ArtDeco is here in Canada and I’m really excited! As for Fall to me it’s all about dark lips and warm shadows :)

  24. Wine & berry colors for lips and nails! OOhh so pretty!

  25. Oxblood nailpolish!

  26. Moisturizer to hold off that dry skin from the cold air… and warm makeup tones

  27. Definitely a darker lip!

  28. Purple toned blushes

  29. Plum lipstick!

  30. I like a red/pink lipstick in a dark shade

  31. darker, richer nail polishes

  32. sultry eyeshadows

  33. My favorite is the berry lip colour! Great contest!!

  34. a darker shade of nail polish

  35. I like to start using a creamier moisturizer for fall.

  36. lipstick in darker shades

  37. Darker lipstick shades.

  38. deep plum blush

  39. Thank you so much for this awesome fall giveaway:) My favourite beauty product for the fall would be burgundy nail polish.

  40. My favourite fall beauty product is my Clinique Almost Lipstick in black honey.
    It’s quite sheer but its a wine colour if you keep adding more layers.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Brow pencil. Gotta rock those bold brows

  42. For fall I love lip balms…all of them!

  43. I have to have moisturizer…I also like plum colour cosmetics!


  45. An illuminator/highlighter to give some glow to my dulling skin.

  46. Awesome colours!!

  47. Dark Nailpolish

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