August 17th, 2013- Cheetah Pants

With the new branding happening with Smart Set right now, and new items arriving in the stores a few times a week, online shopping in my PJ’s and the huge sale happening right now, I can’t help myself but pick up a few new items weekly. Check out these new cheetah pants that just hit stores this week, how perfect are they going to be for Fall 2013?

Are we a fan of cheetah pants, or printed pants in general? What trends are you looking forward to this Fall?

Top- Target- $25- June 2013
Necklace- The Bay- $12 (on sale)- Feb 2013
Cuff- c/o Cocoa Jewelry
Bracelets- Smart Set- $10 & $12- in stores now
Cheetah Pants- Smart Set- $55- in stores now
Shoes- Target- $35- May 201317 (1) 17 (7) 17 (3) 17 (4) 17 (6) 17 (5)




  1. These pants are now mine, I had to go to 3 Smart Set’s to find them, the first 2 stores didn’t even know what I was talking about and said I had the wrong store.

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