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Joe Fresh Nail Polish

First off you ladies know I’m a huge fan of Joe Fresh,  I love their clothing, its fashionable, trendy, amazing quality & the price is perfect, but the Joe Fresh Nail Polish, I’m not too sure about??? The first coat I put on was really sheer and really streaky (compared to my normal nail po

March 2011 Giveaway

And the winner for March is Kristin Rene, she’s the new owner of a teal wallet & statement necklace. Her most embarrassing fashion moment was back in High School where she went through a huge skater phase. She had dark purple hair, wore like 3 chains around her neck (remember those oversiz

Boa Apparel Feb 7-9th, 2011 Giveaway

Congrats to Sandra Sutyla who comment on my daily style wearing a Lilac Flintstone Print Shirt from Boa Apparel all 3 days. Sandra left a few nice messages saying “Love this! Would love to wear it this spring :)”, “Perfect scarf as an accessory to this shirt! Oh so cute” & “Definitely

February 2011 Giveaway

And the winner for February’s contest is……. Raz Kassam. Raz most expensive piece is her gucci boston bag (that her hubby bought her for her Birthday)- what a nice guy.  The piece she would spluge on would be a pair of christian louboutin shoes or a pair of sexy Gucci shoes or any

January 2011 Giveaway

Congrats to Lisa Pridham who’s New Year’s Resolutions is to “travel more and spend more time with the people that mean the most to her”. She is the lucky winner of one of my favourite things (Revlon Eyeliner) & then also a cute necklace & bracelet (found in picture).  I love

Heel Condom Dec 14- 16, 2010 Giveaway

Congrats to Danielle Bracken who comment on my daily style wearing Heel Condoms.   Danielle left a nice message saying “how she loves the matching lip color and heel condoms. They spice up your outfit, making it flirty and playful! Love’n it!”  On December 14th, 15th & 16th