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I wanted to treat my readers to some early Christmas presents this year, so over the next 5 days you’ll have the chance to enter to win an array of prizes. I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite brands to giveaway over $2000 worth of prizes, including makeup sets, perfume, lip balms, skin care, nail care, hair care, sunglasses and accessories, jewellery, clothing and so much more. Make sure to stop by daily to see what brand is being featured and to entre. Did you check out the previous giveaways, PoletteBurt’s Bees, Pür Minerals, Eleven Elfs, P&G and Pearls For Girls and MoYou London?

Of course it wouldn’t be the holidays without a delicious new perfume to wear. I’ve been totally obsessed with Azzaro Pour Elle ever since I first received it way back in April. I, of course, had to share the love with you guys by giving away an Azzaro gift basket filled with goodies.
Azzaro Pour Elle Azzaro Pour Elle

Azzaro Pour Elle comes in a beautiful cut glass bottle that is contemporary, luxe and glamorous, but with an airy and modern twist. It’s a sensual flora and woody fragrance that opens with top notes of cardamom and citruses, heart notes of rose and lily and base notes of olibanum and cashmere. Solar burst is evoked by unusual combinations of cardamom with fresh, exhilarating, lemony-spicy notes blended with a rosy, tangy and sparkling accord. Magnetic seduction is depicted with a classic floral heart of rose and lily, which makes an elegant, glamorous and distinguished pair. Sensual sillage is provided by the base, made of warm, dense and sexy notes of olibanum incense and cashmere wood.
Azzaro Pour Elle Azzaro Pour Elle (5)

If you’re looking for a playful, sensual and glamourous scent this season, make sure to enter below to win the eau de parfume, body lotion and a chic shopping bag to carry all your holiday treasures in, valued at over $150. This extremely sunny, sexy and elegant perfume is perfect for any holiday party, event or dinner you’ll be attending this season.


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  1. I most excited by the lemony-spicy notes in Solar burst.

  2. Probably most excited by the Sensual sillage

  3. The heart of rose.

  4. most excited for the citruses

  5. The citrus notes.

  6. Cashmere wood sounds nice. I like darker tones in scents.

  7. The base notes, I love warm type scents.

    (Rosie A)

  8. the citrus notes for me

  9. I love the notes of lily in the one and cardamom in the other!

  10. citrus

  11. I like citrus notes :)

  12. lemony-spicy

  13. I’m most excited for the lemony-spicy notes in the fragrance. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. I love the sound of notes of woody-cardamom.

  15. The heart notes of rose & lily.

  16. Cardamom and Citruses!

  17. I love citrus!

  18. I’m a big fan of citrus..citrus notes sounds wonderful

  19. i enjoy the lemony-spicy notes!

  20. I am most excited about the citrus notes. They are my favorite.

  21. Would be the Cardamom and Citruses!

  22. Excited about the rose and lily.

  23. I am most excited for the citrus notes! Sounds lovely!

  24. I’m excited for the heart notes of rose and lily.

  25. Heart notes of rose and lily sounds so pretty!

  26. Excited for the citrus notes.

  27. my wife would love the citrus notes

  28. I love floral notes

  29. i love citrus notes

  30. heart notes of rose and lily!

  31. I like citrus notes.

  32. I am most excited about the rose note

  33. I love spicy Cardamom.

  34. citrus notes

  35. I am excited about the lemony-spicy notes!

  36. I love rose.

  37. I’m most excited about the rose note!

  38. The rose note!

  39. I am most excited for the rose note!!

  40. I like citrus scents so I’m interested in the lemony-spicy notes.

  41. I’m most excited about the rose note.

  42. The rose note

  43. My girlfriend is found of fragrances with rose notes, so she tells me!

  44. I’m excited for the lemony spice notes

  45. definitely the citrus i loooove citrusy scents

  46. The citrus notes sounds most exciting to me

  47. Cashmere wood sounds nice

  48. I like citrus scents.

  49. love citruses notes

  50. The rose notes

  51. Oh my goodness, the packaging and the way you styled all these for the photos look so beautifulllllll how can I not try to enter for this!? Totally in love!

  52. I am most excited for the citrus notes. I love citrus frgrances!

  53. The citrus and lily catch my attention.
    Rafflecopter name is Chantal Halley-Plouffe.

  54. Lemony spicy sounds quite intriguing !

  55. Rose water scents

  56. The lemony-spicy notes would be something new & different

  57. Citrus notes!

  58. I am most excited for heart notes.

  59. Most excited for the citrus notes.

  60. Cashmere wood

  61. The citrus notes!

  62. lemon spicy notes sound interesting

  63. the lemon-spicy

  64. cashmere wood.

  65. I think the cardamom sounds nice. It makes me think of warmth and comfort.

  66. Rose and lily for me!

  67. heart notes how nice

  68. Cashmere wood

  69. Cashmere wood

  70. Cashmere wood!

  71. I like the sound of the lemon!

  72. The cashmere wood.

  73. The Rose & Lily notes appeal to me…love warm floral fragrance :)

  74. Most excited for the citrus notes

  75. The rose notes

  76. Cashmere wood

  77. I am most excited for the Cashmere fragrance note. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. The Citrus notes are my personal favourite!
    via Rhonda W G.

  79. I love citrus but I think the cashmere wood would be amazing.

  80. Cashmere wood

  81. lemon spicy notes

  82. Rose and Lily

  83. cashmere wood

  84. Most excited for Rose and Lily

  85. The rose and lily notes sound lovely.

  86. Love to try it (the rose and Lily)

  87. love Rose and Lily

  88. Most excited for Rose and Lily

  89. Cashmere Wood sounds like it would smell soooo yummy! Thanks for teh great giveaway!

  90. I love Cardamom with fresh, exhilarating, lemony-spicy notes and cashmere sounds interesting :) Thank you

  91. The rose and lily notes sound really lovely

  92. Citrus for sure! Invigorating!

  93. Oh I’m terrible at sniffing out the notes. .. I do like rose tho

  94. I love the smell of Citrus

  95. Cashmere wood would make it smell soo nice

  96. Floral scents are my fav

  97. Floral and citrus

  98. The lily note is my fave scent

  99. Love citrus and woody smell

  100. Cashmere wood

  101. This sounds so nice, I would love to try the heart notes of rose and lily!

  102. Love Citrus

  103. I am most excited about the lemony-spicy notes.

  104. i love everything citrusy!

  105. Looks like a wonderful gift prize

  106. Excited for citrus!

  107. citrus!

  108. Excited for the citrus fragrance.

  109. citrus

  110. I am so excited for the lemony spicy scent!

    It sounds beautiful. :)

  111. I love sandalwood,pachouli ,and citrus scents its a mood thing :)

  112. I love sandalwood,pachouli ,and citrus scents its a mood thing :)

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