Biker Chick

I was trying to be a badass biker chick, and although the shoe (aka biker boot) fits, I somehow don’t think I pulled it off?

I admire those girls than can pull of the biker/ grunge/ badass look without trying too hard. I usually just look like I’m playing dress-up. Either way, I felt somewhat cool in today’s outfit of the day, thanks to my ever so rock n roll Harley Davidson booties.

Sweater- Smart Set
Leather Jacket- Danier
Sunglasses- c/o Oakley
Bucket Bag- Express
Bracelet- c/o Swarovski
Faux Leather Pants- c/o Sheinside
Biker Boots- c/o Harley DavidsonSweater, Smart Set. Leather Jacket, Danier, Sunglasses, Oakley, Bucket Bag, Express, Faux Leather Pants, Sheinside Short hair, hair cut, hair style, bob cut, black hair, short hair cut, how to style short hair tan Sweater, Smart Set sweater, black Leather Jacket, Danier leather, oversize Sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses, black Bucket Bag, Express purse, Leather Pants, Sheinside pants Biker Boots, Harley Davidson, biker chick, badass, grunge, biker, what I wore, leather bomber jacket Blogger, Fashion Crimes, fall Fashion, Latest Fashion Trends, Fashion Tips, Toronto Blog, What I Wore, Crimes of Fashion, Winter Outfits Fashion Blog, Fashion Trends, Beauty Blog, Blog, Canadian Fashion Blogs, business casual for women, Ontario Blog, Dress Code, winter boots, OOTD Canadian Fashionista, Dress Code, Canadian Fashion Bloggers, Canadian Fashion Blog, Canadian Fashion Blogger, Fashionista, Fashion, Style, what not to wear, My Look Day to Night, Outfit Ideas, Heels, Sparkle, Glitter, Heels, Denim, Sundresses, Jeans, Black And White, Colour Tee, Faux Leather



  1. maybe not biker chick but still a great look on you

  2. I really find that the outfit suits you!

  3. awe thanks sweetie, trying to switch it up a little- I wish I was more badass hehe

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