Bare Love Beauty Hair Treatment Giveaway- April 30- May 5, 2013

And the winner of Bare Love Beauty Hair Treatment is  Joy Mills who says all-natural products are “so much better for protecting our water supply, and healthier for our hair & bodies!”… I couldn’t agree more!Win a


“Bare Love Beauty is a collection of three luxury treatments for the face, body and hair. The brand is delicately formulated with proprietary Oliolove™ Technology and an all-natural combination of pure and exotic, skin compatible oils from around the world”

Bare Love Beauty products feature fast skin barrier protection within 24 hours, unlike traditional moisturizers that can take up to 7 days to block in and protect moisture retention. Replaces synthetic emulsifiers and barrier agents while extending the benefits of the actives in our formulations and the results are renewed, re-balanced and radiance in every pump.

All you had to do was Tweet out “Win a @BareLoveBeauty Hair Treatment by telling @ForFashionistas why all-natural products are better” and then your answer.

You could have also entered on Facebook here 

Bare Love


  1. I’m always looking for all natural products, never heard of Bare Love but I’ll be checking em out for sure this week

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