Benefit And Matthew Williamson Giveaway- June 10th- 21st, 2013

And the winner of the Benefit Mathew Williamson exclusive sleeve-wrapped Benetint & Highbeam is….. Sandy T.

Matthew Williamson is world renowned for his highly recognisable signature aesthetic: a master of print, embellishment, attention to detail and kaleidoscopic colour. Matthew’s collections encapsulate a bohemian spirit and a laid back sense of glamour.

Matthew has teamed up with Benefit to create a limited edition, high fashion makeup kit called “The Rich Is Back” that’s released today, June 10th, 2013, exclusively at Sephora and retails for $40 CAD. Matthew takes you back to the glamorous days of disco with rich, seductive shades inspired by his vibrant prints; retro to modern all in one little box. When you’re done with the makeup you can remove the tray and use it as a glam jewelry box, featuring some of Matthew Williamson’s most iconic prints!

Just a few of my fave dresses from Matthew

Each Benefit “The Rich Is Back” kit includes 4 x (0.8g) eyeshadow palettes in Solid Gold, Get Down Brown, Disco Dust and Feel So Teal, They’re Real! Mascara (4.0g) which lengthens, volumizes and curls your lashes, Gimme Fever Cheek Powder (2g) which is a pale pink blush with golden shimmer & a blush brush and Inferno Lip Gloss (6.5ml) which is a berry red with golden shimmer gloss.
Benefit Matthew Williamson  (5) Benefit Matthew Williamson  (7)

Being that I have a love of both fashion and cosmetics the lovely people at Benefit Cosmetics Canada thought I would be a perfect fit to introduce this new collab with Mathew Williamson and provide an exclusive sleeve-wrapped Benetint & Highbeam for one of my lucky followers.

Benefit Matthew Williamson  (4)
Benetint, which was originally created for an exotic 1970’s dancer is a rose-tinted stain that has a see-through colour for your lips and cheeks and is kiss-proof, lasts for hours and is naturally sheer and sexy on any complexion. Benetint is one of Benefits top sellers and is sought after by A-list celebs, makeup artists and girls from all around the world; it brings a little bit of innocence, yet provocative to your face each and every day. It’s the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle, apply it to your cheeks and blend for a perfect rosiness look or amp up the staying power of any of your favourite lipsticks by applying it underneath.

Highbeam is a satiny pink liquid highlighter that accents cheeks & brow bones for a dewy, radiant glow. You can use it as a spot highlighter over makeup, wear it under complexion products for subtle luminescence or pair it with Benetint for that ultimate healthy, dewy glow; it truly is the “supermodel in a bottle!”
Benefit Matthew Williamson  (1)

Also be sure to head over to Benefit Canada’s Facebook Page (found here) to enter their Giveaway with a grand prize of the Matthew Williamson “The Rich Is Back” Makeup Kit, a Matthew Williamson scarf and a Foxy Originals Benefit bracelet.

Sneak peak of the Foxy Original Benefit Bracelet
Benefit Matthew Williamson  (8)

“This is high-octane glam makeup for dressing up to look fabulous & dance the night away!” –Matthew Williamson

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  1. I adore High Beam! Such an amazing product!!!

  2. BOTTH!!!

  3. Would love to try both but would prob get the most use out of high beam!

  4. I would have to go with high beam!

  5. Definitely Benefit!!

  6. LOOOVE Benetint, but would be thrilled for an opportunity to test out High Beam!

  7. I’m more excited for the Benetint.

  8. High beam! It’s perfect for summer!

  9. I’m good with either, but love the benefit super cute

  10. Most excited for Benetint!

  11. I have Benetint and love it! I would love to try Highbeam!

  12. I’m excited about Benetint!

  13. I’d say the benetint :)

  14. I’m most excited to try highbeam!

  15. High beam! I love dewy skin

  16. I’m super excited to try Benetint!

  17. High beam looks good!!!

  18. Both these products look amazing! & they seem like they would be perfect for summer!

  19. I would love High Beam! I’ve been wanting it for so long, but as a student, I can’t really afford Benefit Cosmetics!

    • Ooh I’ve been there sweetie, its expensive being a student, but well worht it when you’re done and have an amazing job, think of all the Benefit goodies you can buy. Good luck sweetie ;-)

  20. I am most excited to try Highbeam

  21. I really excited to try the High Beam

  22. Benefit is the best! Two products I haven’t tried yet and two that were already on my wish list! I think high beam would work great with my pale complexion!

  23. I ‘ve never tried Benetint before but I’d love to try.

  24. Benetint! I always look at it in the stores but never actually tried it !!! Excited!!

  25. benetint

  26. I would like to try them both but more excited to try Benetint

  27. I would love to try both! But the High Beam is especially pretty!

  28. I’ve tried a sample of Benetint and loved it, so i’m super excited to try High Beam!! Cheers!

  29. Benetint.. I want to be kissable.

  30. I have heard so many great things about Benetint and would love to try it myself.

  31. IM most excited to try Highbeam

  32. I’m excited to try Highbeam – I don’t use any highlighter/blush/etc so it would be something new for me :)

  33. I would love to try the Benetint the most! I’m very much into lip colour but lipsticks and glosses are just too waxy/globby and I prefer the natural, buildable nature of stains! I would love to add this to my beauty arsenal!

  34. excited to try Benetint

  35. High beam!

  36. benetint :D

  37. highbeam

  38. Highbeam!

  39. High beam! I would love to try it!

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  41. The highbeam!

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  43. Thank you again!! Love these fabulous products!! :)

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