BRTC Jasmine Eco Mist Review:

As some of you may have know I was in Vegas last month for a friend’s wedding, a total of 7 days and it was amazing! Only downfall to Vegas is its super dry, luckily for me I brought my BRTC Jasmine Eco Mist with me which is an all natural, all organic mist to moisten your dry skin! 

All I can say is wow! My first day in Vegas my face was extremely dry, so dry I didn’t even want to apply my makeup in the morning, my lips were chapped (and I never get chapped lips) not even in the cold winter months here in Canada. On day 2 I started to spray my face with the Eco Mistas soon as I got out of the shower and before I went to bed each night and what a huge difference it made. 

The formula is incredibly refreshing and lightweight, you could totally use it in replacement of your moisturizer, I even found it helped to prep my makeup in the morning!

Eco Mist (4)

 The best way I could describe the smell is like being in a tropical rainforest, not a flowery scent but just fresh raindrop leaves.. if that makes sense? I loved it so much that I ended up carrying it around in my purse and would re-apply it over my makeup a few times during the day. It didn’t affect the appearance of my makeup and kept my face hydrated throughout the day. 

Love how there is no chemicals added, which means fewer breakouts for those with sensitive skin. It’s a pretty big bottle for only $22 (125ml) and will last forever; like I said I used it every day in Vegas (about 4 times a day) and I only ended up using about 1% of the bottle.

Eco Mist (2)This would be great for anyone that’s looking for a lightweight way to moisturize your skin (great for those with oily skin) as you can skip a moisturizer and just sprits a few drops onto your skin for all the hydration you need. It won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or oily at all, just a smoother and softer finish. 

This is something I will be carrying around in my purse for those cold, dry winter months for sure!


***Disclosure: product was sent to me for review consideration***

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