Busy Weekend

I got so busy over the weekend, and by busy, I mean lounging around the house, I forgot to blog. I was hoping to catch up on some style posts and reviews, but that never seemed to happen. I thought by Monday, I’d be back into the swing of it, but the hubby and I decided to go shopping instead. We left the house at 8AM, headed across the border and planned on being home for 1. Turns out, we got a little carried away in all the deals and ended up shopping for 12 hours. We didn’t get home till after 9, which meant, no blogging.

What I Wore
Lace Dress- c/o Avon
Necklace- c/o Avon
Kate Spade Purse- c/o Shopbop
Marc Jacob Watch- c/o Shopbop
Sunglasses- c/o Avon
BCBG Pumps – The Bay
Lace Dress (1) Lace Dress (7) Lace Dress (3) Lace Dress (9) Lace Dress (2) Lace Dress (10) Lace Dress (4) Lace Dress (8)



  1. Love the dress!

  2. How’s the fit on this one? (esp compared to mark. which I’m usually a small in). I LOVE the look esp how you styled it with the pale accessories but nervous it might be too big…


    • I would say its a tad bigger than a Mark small, I actually wish there was a x-small cause I think that would have fit a lot better. I too an a small in Mark, so I would say this would fit more like a medium in Mark (if this helps)? I just found I had extra material in the back of the dress

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