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Am I too old to be a Belieber? Okay so maybe I don’t attend his concerts or buy his albums, but you best believe that when his song comes on the radio, I’m the first one singing along. Maybe it’s the fact he’s Canadian and grew up less than an hour away from my city, maybe it’s the fact he’s so young, yet accomplished so much, maybe it’s the fact he’s a true artist that cares deeply about his fans, either way, I have respect for everything he does. My husband says I stick up for him too much and with all the trouble he’s gotten himself into this past year, I just think to myself, I was doing/ my friends were probably doing worse at his age, it’s just we weren’t in the media to get caught. Either way, there’s no denying he’s super talented, just look at all he’s done in the past 5 years and as he grows older his maturity level will go up and he’ll turn into a successful, happy young man.

Essence has been the official makeup partner to Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour so it’s only natural to launch a new trend edition: Essence Beauty Beats Collection – Girls on tour with Justin Bieber, exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart just in time for the holidays. This exclusive collection is designed and inspired by the 19 year old superstar and you’ll find the trendiest colours from grays and blues, to turquoise and purples and pinks and corals, in an array of products from eyeshadows, eyeliners and blush to lipglosses, nail polish and hair ties; everything you’ll need for your next Bieber concert or just a fun everyday look.
Essence Beauty Beats  (2)
Let’s start off with the coolest item out of them all, the Essence Beauty Beats Blush that has the Boyfriend lyrics embossed into it and will be sure to become a true collector’s item for fans. It comes in shade 01 Groupie at Heart and is a gorgeous rose shade that gives a natural flushed look to the cheeks. It has a velvety soft texture, is highly pigmented, blends beautifully into the skin and leaves behind a smooth, satiny finish that lasts the entire day without fading. It retails for $2.99.
Essence Beauty Beats  (5) Essence Beauty Beats  (6)
Essence Beauty Beats Mono Eyeshadows guarantee bright eyes with their metallic shimmer in purple (01 Baby, Baby, Oo!), ice blue (02 I’m Backstage) or grey (03 As Long As You Love Me). They too have embossed beauty beats lettering, are as vivid on the skin as in the pan, have a silky-soft and smooth texture to them and apply easily onto the eyelid and blend like a dream. They wear for an entire 10 hours with no creasing or smudging when worn with a primer and retail for $2.49.
Essence Beauty Beats  (7) Essence Beauty Beats  (8)
Essence Beauty Beats Shimmer Powder (01 Swaaag!) is embossed with one of Justin’s favourite expression, SWAG and it creates an all-over glow to the skin and/or is also perfect to accent the cheeks & brow bones for a radiant glow within; it will be sure to put the spotlight on you with its fine shimmering pigments. It retails for $3.99.
Essence Beauty Beats  (3) Essence Beauty Beats  (4)
Essence Beauty Beats Lipgloss makes your lips look lovely and irresistible in three trendy shades of coral (01 Groupie At Heart), pale pink (02 Eenie Meenie) and teal (03 I’m Backstage) that are all long lasting, lightweight in texture with a butter smooth finish. It goes on sheer with a hint of colour that gives a nice shine to the lips with a little bit of iridescent shimmer and sparkle to the lips. It’s very comfortable to wear with no sticky or tackiness to it. It retails for $2.99.
Essence Beauty Beats  (10)
Essence Beauty Beats Lipglosses in teal (03 I’m Backstage)and pale pink (02 Eenie Meenie)

Essence Beauty Beats  (11) Essence Beauty Beats  (12)
Essene Beauty Beats Hairties will be very practical for keeping your hair out of your face when you’re dancing around at Justin’s concert, or any concert for that matter. It’s available in packs of 2 with Justin’s signature colour, purple being one of the shades you get with it, other being a hot pink colour. It retails for $2.99.
Essence Beauty Beats  (14)

Other items in the collection are a Essence Beauty Beats 2 in 1 Eyeliner (01 The Biggest Fan) that features a slim tip on one end and a slanted tip on the other, giving you the blackest black, long-lasting, endless possibilities eye looks that retails for $3.99.

Essence Beauty Beats Nail Polish comes in 4 trendy colours, purple (01 Baby, Baby, Ooh!), light blue (02 I’m Backstage), grey (03 As Long As You Love Me) and coral/ pink (04 Groupie at Heart) that is long wearing, full coverage with a glossy finish that gives your nails real star appeal for only $2.49.

Essence Beauty Beats Paperprint Manicure Design is made with real printed newspaper with Justin’s images on it that you’d normally see in the press, but can now be transferred to your nails; how cool is that? All you have to do is paint your nails with 2 layers of light nail polish, separate the piece of newspaper with JB design on it and paint with the Essence Beauty Beats Paperprint Manicure Transfer Solution (retails for $2.99) and press onto your nails for 15 seconds. Finishing it off with a top coat and you’re done. It retails for $1.99.

Essence Beauty Beats  (1)
I want all my Belieber and Essence fans to experience the Beauty Beats collection for themselves with a giveaway featuring the Essence Beauty Beats Blush, Essence Beauty Beats Mono Eyeshadow in ice blue (02 I’m Backstage), Essence Beauty Beats Shimmer Powder, 2 Essence Beauty Beats Lipglosses in pale pink (02 Eenie Meenie) and teal (03 I’m Backstage) and a pack of the Essene Beauty Beats Hairties (all pictured above).

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  41. My fav JB songs are “Beauty & a Beat” and “Boyfriend.” I would love to win, being a fellow Canadian! xx

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