Essie Retro Revival Collection

35 Years. 6 Shades. And One Starry Starry Night

What’s the best way to celebrate a Birthday, Vegas style of course. To honour Essie’s 35th Birthday, the brand has introduced the Essie Retro Revival Collection, full of some of their best sellers and hard to find shades. There’s no better place to create a splash and introduce a new brand than the Vegas strip. That’s why when founder and creator, Essie Weingarten, first started the company, way back in 1981, she hit up the city where the stakes were high and the glitz and glamour were for keeps. Everyone from showgirls to chic card dealers instantly fell in love with the wide assortment of shades, and the general public quickly followed.
Essie Retro Revival Essie Retro Revival

If you’re not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on a single nail polish, which is how much sellers on eBay were asking for Essie Starry Starry Night. This collection allows you to scoop up this desirable and difficult to find polish, along with other must-have shades for seasons past. Rave reviews from nail bloggers and even The New York Times have left these 6 incredible nail polish shades on everyone’s wish-list for years.
Essie Retro Revival Essie Retro Revival

Essie Retro Revival Collection features 6 highly-anticipated shades with pearl, sheer, frosted and even iridescent effects, that promise to leave your nails sparkling for seasons to come. I was luckily enough to be sent the entire collection, but it doesn’t stop at the 6 polishes. The press release package also came with a full-size deck of playing cards decked out in a fun nail polish design, along with white poker chips to tie in with the Vegas theme. Derek already has his eye on these, as he likes to think he has a poker face.

 Essie Retro Revival Essie Retro Revival Essie Retro Revival

Of course the one that everyone wants to get their hands on is Essie Starry Starry Night which was first released way back in 1997. This twinkling midnight blue gives you reasons to celebrate and no… “You’re not dreaming, this beloved, legendary midnight blue, twinkling with silvery stars and glittering like the night sky, is back.”
Essie Starry Starry Night

Essie Life of the Party was born back in 2002 and described as a pinot noir pearl. “Mixing it up at the club. Working the room. Posing for the paparazzi. This pinot noir pearl is everywhere – and everything – right now”
Essie Life of the Party
Essie Bikini with a Martini was released in 2006 and described as a frosted iridescent pink. “Want to shake things up? Head to Vegas, hit the pool and cut loose in this frosted iridescent pink. Bottoms up!”Essie Bikini with a Martini
Essie Sequin Sash was released in 2005 as a sheer glittery bronze. “Tie one on. This sheer glittery bronze nail polish with silver flecks adds just the right amount of shimmering glamour to any ensemble.”
Essie Sequin Sash

Essie Birthday Suit was released in 1981 as a part of the original 12 polishes and was described as a cheeky delicate nude. “Who needs cake? This cheeky, delicate nude is so irresistibly delicious, just light some candles and you can be the dessert.”
Essie Birthday Suit

Last, but not least, Essie Cabana Boy. This beauty was born in 2005 as an ultra-cool pearly white. “Walking straight out of your fantasies and into your pool party, one flash of this ultra-cool pearl white sets hearts racing.”
Essie Cabana Boy
Essie in Starry Starry Night, Birthday Suit, Cabana Boy, Sequin Sash, Bikini with a Martini and Life of the Party
Essie Retro Revival Essie Retro Revival Essie Retro Revival (19)


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