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Happy New Year, and welcome to my very first post of 2016! The holiday season was extremely busy, spent with close friends and family, and of course, a ton of eating. I don’t think you can celebrate the holidays without delicious food? Growing up as an only child, most of my holiday memories were spent hanging out with adults. My mom, dad and I had several holiday traditions which included staying up late on Christmas Eve watching Christmas movies, baking sugar cookies, opening a few presents, while waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. Although these were all wonderful memories, I still can remember wishing I was a little older so I could enjoy coffee, Baileys and whipped cream.
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (2) Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (3) Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (4)

As soon as Derek and I got married and moved into our new home, we started our own Christmas Eve tradition. We order Swiss Chalet and binge watching Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, It’s A Wonderful Life and The Santa Clause all night long. You also better believe our night is filled with one too many Baileys and coffee topped with an abundance of Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream. Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (5) Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (7) Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (8)
I’m also in love with pecan pies around the holidays, but the dry pecans and thick molasses filling can sometimes be a little dry. The Gay Lea Whipped Cream has a light, smooth and incredibly creamy texture that helps to make this pie a deliciously decadent dessert.

Since the holidays are all about giving back, not only do I get to enjoy the delicious taste of real cream in the Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light, with 50% less fat than the regular version, I can feel good knowing that Gay Lea has raised over $450,000 in support of co-operative development around the globe, including contributing to organizations in rural Ontario communities.
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (9) Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (10)

As a Gay Lea Ambassador I have the wonderful opportunity to offer one of my readers the chance to win 1 year of free Gay Lea products (12 coupons of free Gay Lea products) by simply entering the rafflecopter below. Since Gay Lea takes pride in always providing their customers with fresh, natural products, this is only open to all my Canadian residents, excluding those in Quebec.
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream Light (11)

“Disclosure: I am part of the Gay Lea Ambassador Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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  1. my fav thing to put whipped cream on is hot chocolate!!!! mmmmm

  2. Hot chocolate with warm apple crumble as a close second.

  3. On top of my hot chocolate

  4. Whip cream on coffee, hot chocolate, pie, cake, ice cream…. Shall I go on?

  5. My favorite thing to put whipped cream on is cheesecake!

  6. love whipped cream on my pumpkin pie

  7. On anything but the simplest would be on a caffe latte :)

  8. chocolate cream pie

  9. On pumpkin pie!

  10. Pumpkin pie.

  11. on peach pie

  12. Definitely on a slice of apple pie! Yum!

    Something About That

  13. I’m like you….I like whipped cream on my ‘alcohol’ coffee :)

  14. I love putting whipped cream on strawberries (and on strawberry shortcake).

  15. Whipped cream on chocolate ice cream with hot salted caramel sauce is a wee bit yummy.

  16. My husband…….hahaha No, not really. I love whipped cream on Angel Food Cake and Strawberries!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  17. We love to put whipped cream on banana split.

  18. I love to put whipped cream on pumpkin pie,

  19. On everything! But I love it with strawberries! :) thank you!

  20. I love whipped cream on pudding

  21. My favourite thing to put whipped cream on is apple pie.

  22. i love to put whipping cream on my hot chocolate, or pumpkin pie

  23. I love whipped cream on apple pie.

  24. I love to add whip cream to my hot chocolate.

  25. Inside my hot chocolate!

  26. Waffles and lemon meringue pie

  27. Smoothies, pies & cocktails.

  28. Pudding. Memories from childhood. Directly into my mouth too… hubby is so bad for doing that constantly when we have whipped cream.

  29. I love whipped cream on pumpkin pie!

  30. Can I saw my fave thing to put whipped cream on is a spoon and then directly in my mouth? haha

  31. It has to be ice cream for me with some sprinkles….rainbow sprinkles

  32. On waffles!!

  33. Pumpkin pie! And French Vanilla Cappucino with Baileys!

  34. I love whipped cream on chocolate pudding

  35. I love putting it on hot chocolate.

  36. Usually just into my mouth, but also on pie lol

  37. My favourite way is on top of icecream!

  38. Strawberries!

  39. I love whipped cream on pie!!

  40. I love it on lots of things, but my favourite is Jello!

  41. Pumpkin pie!

  42. I love whip cream on my waffles.
    Florence C

  43. I love it on Monte Cristo Coffee or Alaskan Polar Bear!

  44. I love it on Hot Chocolate!

  45. Pumpkin Pie

  46. I like putting whipped cream on top of a banana split.

  47. I love it in my hot chocolate

  48. Pumpkin pie!

  49. icecream, love the two together!

  50. I only use Gaylea whip cream and I love it the most with Laura Secord hot chocolate.

  51. I love to make chocolate molten cakes & when they are hot top with cream! Omg when you crack them open the cream goes thought them!

  52. I love to put Gay Lea whipped cream on pie,pumpkin pie,and coconut cream pie.

  53. On waffles with fruit!

  54. Apple Pie with whipped cream is a definite favourite.

  55. I like it on hot chocolate

  56. Whip cream and hot chocolate..yes please

  57. I love whipped cream best on mince meat tarts.

  58. pie and ice creme and hotchocolate i like whip creme

  59. whipped cream on strawberry shortcake,,yum!

  60. I love putting whip cream on strawberries.

  61. I love putting whipped cream on fruit and pumpkin pie.

  62. Love it on a big slice of fresh cherry pie with vanilla ice cream!

  63. I love it on cappuccino

  64. my favorite thing would be pumpkin pie , the higher the whip cream the better.

  65. I put it on my hot cocoa

  66. Pumpkin pie! Any pie really.

  67. I love whipped cream on my hot chocolate!

  68. I really like mine on a sundae

  69. I love mine on hot chocolate.

  70. I love whipped cream on a chocolate sundae.

  71. I love it on pumpkin pie! Nothing better then that!

  72. Waffles and strawberries.

  73. I love to put whipped cream on hot chocolate.

  74. I like it on pumpkin pie

  75. my tongue! ;)

  76. pumpkin pie!

  77. On Pumpkin pie and hot chocolate

  78. Love whipped cream on pumpkin pie

  79. Bread pudding and hot chocolate.

  80. Coffee is my favourite thing to put whipped cream on.

  81. on pumpkin pie

  82. I love whipped cream on jellow.. orange jello to be specific

  83. whipped cream on apple pie and straight into the mouth for some fun ?

  84. My favorite thing to put whipped cream on is Strawberry Shortcake!

  85. pumpkin pie

  86. Strawberries!

  87. Love it on Banana Cream Pie, Coconut cream pie!

  88. Pecan pie!

  89. on pumpkin pie

  90. I love to put whipped cream on stawberries YUMMY

  91. Strawberry shortcake with whip cream is ever so yummy !

  92. apple pie

  93. fresh strawberries!

  94. Definitely pie!

  95. DH or strawberry pie!

  96. Chai latte!

  97. Hot cocoa

  98. I love it on pumpkin pancakes.

  99. my significant other

  100. My favourite thing to put whipped cream on is hot chocolate!

  101. Pumpkin pie is my favourite thing to put it on.

  102. Love putting it on pie!

  103. Pancakes

  104. I love whipped cream on pumpkin pie and hot chocolate

  105. on an Irish coffee

  106. My tongue! haha, but pie is good too

  107. apple pie

  108. does there have to be a favorite thing….because Iam a Gay Lea whip cream junkie and yes I eat it out of the can!

  109. I love whipped cream on a latte!

  110. Any kind of pie. Love Whipped Cream:)

  111. Apple pie.

  112. on my pie

  113. It would be great to win aYear supply of Gay Lea products.
    In response to your question of
    What is your favourite thing to put whipped cream on?
    I like to put Whipped Cream on Pumpkin Pie.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  114. Pumpkin pie. Once a year whether I need it or not!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  115. Hot chocolate!

  116. Strawberries

  117. On desert coffees. A B52 coffee,not so special if whipped cream is missing,then its called a let down! I have been known to squirt it directly in my mouth lol

  118. Pie! :)

  119. Pie. It is not pumpkin pie without the whipped cream. [I also confess also to sucking the cream right out of the can!]

  120. Strawberry shortcake! Love it :)

  121. Trifle

  122. On pumpkin pie!

  123. On top of a caramel sundae!

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