Holiday Gift Guide with Delectable

Holiday Gift Guide

In place of my traditional holiday gift guides, I’m doing something a little different this year. I’ll still be rounding up my favourite presents for the season, but instead of combining them into a few posts, I’ll be featuring a new company daily. Make sure to check back every day as I’ll be showcasing a new brand and my must-have holiday gifts for the season. Come follow along over the next 17 days and be prepared to be inspired.

This holiday season send sweet treats from Delectable, instead of cookies, cakes and pastries that are full of sugar and high in calories. As the newest brand ambassador for Delectable, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with every single one of their products, so rounding up my favourites and must-haves, was going to be a challenge. Can I just put everything on my list? Luckily Delectable has packaged up some of their best-sellers into the most adorable packaging I’ve ever seen. It was still hard to play favourites, but I came up with my top three.
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Delectable Mix And Mingle Gift Set features one of their best-selling scents, coconut and cream and includes a body wash, body lotion and hair and body mist. This 3 piece set will instantly transport you to a tropical escape and leave both body and hair incredibly silky smooth, soft and shiny. The rich and creamy body wash is enriched with coconut oil and aloe vera to help nourish, hydrate and soften the skin, while cleansing the body of dirt, oil and daily grime. It gives an added boost of hydration, even before the moisturizer. The body lotion provides three times softness, smoothness and richness to help fight against dryness, dullness and dehydration. It too is enriched with coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera to help smooth, hydrate and nourish your entire body. The hair and body mist has an incredibly light fragrance that’s quite refreshing. If you’re looking for a bold, intense scent, this isn’t for you, but if you enjoy a light and airy aroma, that isn’t too overpowering, you’ll love it. It doesn’t stain your clothes, although it is a bit tacky on the skin at the beginning, nor does it weigh your hair down. It’s an excellent alternative to heavy perfumes, or when you just want a hint of coconut. All three products have an addicting coconut scent, that’s a little tropical, a little sweet and a little creamy.
Delectable Mix And Mingle Gift Set Delectable Mix And Mingle Gift Set Delectable Mix And Mingle Gift Set

Delectable All Aglow! Gift Set features a trio of delectable body lotions in yummy scents of fresh strawberry, creamy coconut and lovely lemon. Done in fun pastel packaging, corresponding to the flavour within, each 60ml tube is enriched with mango butter, shea butter and aloe vera to keep your skin looking and feeling incredibly silky smooth and soft. It also keeps skin hydrated and moisturized the entire day, including your cuticles. It retails for $15.
Delectable All Aglow! Gift Set Delectable All Aglow! Gift Set Delectable All Aglow! Gift Set

Delectable Merry And Bright Gift Set contains 3 mini bottles of hair and body mists, in delicious scents of freshest strawberry, dreamy creamy coconut and yummy sugar plum scent. They can easily be layered to create your own personal scent or worn on their own. Like I said in the previous paragraph, these are not overly powerful, instead you get just a hint of tropical goodness. It retails for $14.
Delectable Merry And Bright Gift Set Delectable Merry And Bright Gift Set Delectable Merry And Bright Gift Set


  1. totally thought those mitts were oven mitts at first! Also definitely interested in what the lemon & cream body lotion smells like.

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