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In place of my traditional holiday gift guides, I’m doing something a little different this year. I’ll still be rounding up my favourite presents for the season, but instead of combining them into a few posts, I’ll be featuring a new company daily. Make sure to check back every day as I’ll be showcasing a new brand and my must-have holiday gifts for the season. Come follow along over the next 12 days and be prepared to be inspired.

Finding that perfect hostess gift is a must with all the holiday parties you’ll be attending this season. I often try to find presents that my friends and family can use for months to come, instead of focusing on a holiday themed item. Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine and matching wine glasses? I can’t tell you how many missed matched glasses I have, from one too many out of control parties.

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Trudeau has a new selection of holiday favourites and every day basics that will allow you to raise a glass to the holiday season without breaking the bank. The Oxygen Collection comes in 3 different sizes with a distinctive swirl pattern that helps to effectively amplify the wine quality for better oxygenation without the use or need of a decanter. For someone who isn’t a huge wine drinker, like myself, this is an excellent way to enjoy a good glass of wine, enhancing the flavour and developing the aroma, without having to take that extra step. Thanks to the larger opening, and a simple motion of my wrist, I too can feel like a winosaur and make almost any wine taste a little better. A box of 2 retails for $20.99.
Oxygen Collection

The i2 Collection is your more basic lineup and perfect for anyone just getting into glassware or looking for an affordable option. These, of course, are still made from high quality European Crystalline and feature a thin rim in a classic shape that would make the perfect addition to any collection. It comes in 4 must-have sizes perfect for bubbly, cocktails, wine and even beer and retail for $10.99 for a set of 2.
i2 Collection

The Resistech Collection is designed for the professional and features a stemless, contemporary, yet elegant look and feel. This lead-free crystalline, tapered bowl is easy to hold, boasts a superior brilliance and its transparent design allows the drink colour to show through without discoloration. Added bonus, its chip free. It retails for $32.99 for a set of 4.
Resistech Collection

Like I said earlier, I’m not a huge wine drinker and would never take the time to fuss with a decanter, so the Elite Wine Aerator is perfect for me. This stylish and streamlined design offers the equivalent of 30 minutes in a traditional decanter in each pour. Its stainless steel accent attaches to any wine bottle, is easy to use with just one hand and boosts an injection of air into the wine as you pour it. It improves both the bouquet and flavour of the wine, one glass at a time. It retails for $29.99.
Elite Wine Aerator Elite Wine Aerator

Now that you have the perfect wine glasses and aerator, all you need is that perfect wine to pair with it. Apothic Dark is an incredibly sexy, deep ruby red wine that features the aromas of stewed blueberry, black cherry, tobacco and dark chocolate. It’s slightly dry with just a kiss of sweetness and a rich, creamy and smooth finish. It has a slightly sweet, almost liqueur-like flavour at the beginning, which quickly turns into a rich mocha with a bit of smokiness to it. I think this is an incredibly bold, enjoyable winter wine. It retails for $16.15 at your local LCBO.
Apothic Dark Apothic Dark


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