I am Juicy Couture Review

A new year, calls for a new scent. This one is designed for the millennials, which is right up my ally, since I’m an 80’s baby. She’s independent, unapologetic and a little rebellious. The new I am Juicy Couture Eau De Parfum is a little sweet, a tad fruity, perfectly florally and slightly seductive and a must-have for 2016.

I am Juicy Couture bottle was designed by Paul McLaughlin and has a sophisticated, yet funky, edgy and chic design. It’s feminine, bevelled and jewel glass bottle features an embedded gold cap with faux diamond/ crystal detailing that looks like precious toggle jewelry and chains. The cap is also engraved with the word Juicy Couture and gives it, its iconic Juicy look.
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I am Juicy Couture features top notes of juicy raspberry, pomelo and seductive passion fruit that mix beautifully with the heart notes of gardenia, heliotrope, dreamy rose de mai and sensual sweet pea. The base notes feature soft musk, warm cashmere wood and candied amber to help ground the scent.
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I was a little sceptical about I am Juicy Couture, as I’m not one to get excited about sweet perfumes, which is probably why I’ve never tried Juicy before? I’ve heard mixed reviews about the entire Juicy Couture lineup, saying a lot of them are overly sweet and almost childish. Although this perfume starts off quite sweet, with a strong scent of passionfruit, it quickly transitions into a slightly floral scent, almost like a fresh bouquet of flowers on a warm spring day. Luckily for me, it quickly dries down to a soft musk, which provides a more masculine and sophisticated aroma.
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Since I am Juicy Couture is equally combined with both sweet, floral and musk scents, it gives this perfume a chic, modern and complex smell, which I love. If you love sweet and florally perfumes, you’re going to love I am Juicy Couture, but even if you like bolder, richer, musky scents, I think you’ll still enjoy this? I’m not going to lie, I want to try more Juicy scents now. This one retails for $89 for 50ml at your local Bay.
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  1. It sounds so lovely!

  2. Good to know. Like you, I’m not one for overly sweet scents, but I might have to give this a try.

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