June 27th, 2013- Canadian Tuxedo

To celebrate Canada Day, BooHoo Canada wanted to see your Canadian Tuxedo, I love this look so I knew I had to take part. Being Canadian I think we can pull this look off better than any other Country, agreed; just one of the many great grifts this amazing Country has to offer. This head to two denim look started with the lumberjacks out West and now is seen all over the runways, A-list celebrities, fashionistas and every day men and women.

No matter what people say, I love this look, when done right. I think it got a bad rap when people started wearing acid wash jeans on both the top and bottom, but when done right, it can look very chic. You’re going to want to have two different washes, a light wash and then a darker wash for contrast. A great way to start is with a lighter wash on top (in either a shirt or jacket) and then a dark wash in your bottoms; never, ever wear the same wash.

Tell me, are you a fan of the Canadian Tuxedo?

Denim Shirt- Smart Set- $39- April 2013
Necklace- Smart Set- $18- April 2013
Watch- Aldo- Gift from hubby
Belt- Smart Set- $20 (set of 2)- April 2013
Jean- American Eagle- $29 – Dec 2010
Shoes- Target- $35- in stores now
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