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I wanted to treat my readers to some early Christmas presents this year, so over the next 6 days you’ll have the chance to enter to win an array of prizes. I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite brands to giveaway over $2000 worth of prizes, including makeup sets, perfume, lip balms, skin care, nail care, hair care, sunglasses and accessories, jewellery, clothing and so much more. Make sure to stop by daily to see what brand is being featured and to entre. Did you check out the previous giveaways, Polette, Burt’s Bees, Pür Minerals, Eleven Elfs, P&G and Pearls For Girls?

Whenever I’m in the mall, I can’t help but pop into Trade Secrets, whether it is shampoo, conditioner, nail polish or anything else beauty related, I can always find it there. They also carry a ton of unique brands I can’t seem to find anywhere else, including the newly released MoYou London. MoYou London is known for their brilliant innovation in the nail stamping art world, and is finally available in Canada, exclusively at Trade Secrets.
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Since nail art is one of the fastest-growing beauty trends, this unique and bold stamping brand is playing on this popular craze with a wide variety of products that speaks to everyone’s own individual style. It’s the perfect way to play with self-expression, as each collection is based around a MoYou London girl. The plates are designed to represent her unique style and deliver a fast, fashionable and professional quality manicure in mere minutes. Which girl speaks to your own person style, you’ll have to head to Trade Secrets to find out.
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A little background on MoYou London, before we get going though. They source only the finest materials and all image plates are made from stainless steel and recyclable vinyl. The packaging is crafted from premium paper and all nail polishes are extremely high quality. They offer over 500 images, with over 10,000 patterns and launch a new collection every month. Now that’s one way to keep you creative for months to come.
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I have to admit, I was a little intimidated at first, I’ve never stamped before, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Each MoYou London Your Favourite Nail Art Kit comes with everything you need to get stamping immediately. Trade Secrets is offering 4 different ones, but you know I had to have the Fashionista one. It has a wonderful mix of paisley and eccentric patterns, taking my threads to an entirely different level. It comes with a nail polish, a plate, a scraper, a stamper and instruction manual. Also keep in mind, the plate is pretty next to impossible to photograph, sorry about that.
MoYou London (8) MoYou London (10) MoYou London (12) MoYou London (6)

The plates (aka the stencils) are rectangular in shape and come in a cardboard sleeve for safe keeping when not in use. The brand features a wide range of designs, anything from pop culture faces, to comic strips, bold and beautiful patterns and even some inspired by the runways. You simply remove the blue protection sticker before use, but try and hold onto it, you can place it back on after each use. Apply the nail polish on the design of your choice, making sure it’s completely covered and then use the scraper, at a 45º angle to remove all excess polish. Then pick up the design with the stamper using a rolling motion and fairly quickly so the polish doesn’t dry. Once you have picked up the image on your stamper, line up the design to the side of your nail, and gently roll, using that same rolling motion, over the nail to transfer the image. Finish with a top coat for long lasting results if your desire.
MoYou London (4) MoYou London (5)

I’m not going to lie, this took some time to get used to. You have to move fairly quickly and I was nervous I was going to make mistakes, so I think I went too slow the first few times around. Also, be sure to use a generous amount of polish on the plate to ensure a smooth and even coverage. Make sure you don’t press too firmly or gently when picking up the polish on the stamper, otherwise it comes out uneven. Make sure to also use one seamless motion when stamping onto the nail, otherwise you will end up with overlap and miss match print. I did get a ton of polish outside of my nailbed, but I just took a Q-Tip with some acetone and tidied up any of the stamping design that got onto my skin.
MoYou London (9) MoYou London (11) MoYou London (12)

Although MoYou London has their own brand of polishes for your base colour, I found using whatever I had in my collection to work perfectly fine. You will, however, have to use their nail polish for the stamping, as it dries quickly, almost instantly really. If you use other nail polish brands it will bleed and smudge. Obsessed with the Fashionista images and how large and sturdy the plate was. The designs stamp beautifully, are crisp and accurate and once I got the hang of it, is pretty much fool proof. The stamper is equally as easy to use, it’s slightly squishy, making it incredibly easy to stamp with.
MoYou London (13)

I truly believe that MoYou London is unlike any other nail kit you’ve ever seen. Its unique identity and designs are what sets them apart from others and is what will leave you coming back for more. Trust me, I already have my eye on a few other designs. Even if you’re not a nail artist or pro, I think you could have a lot of fun with these. The MoYou London Fashionista Starter Kit retails for $29.95 at Trade Secrets.

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“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Trade Secrets, but all opinions on this blog are my own. I also want to thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog.”


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