New Radiance Review

I’m always on the lookout for the latest skin care products, something that hydrates my drying skin (no matter what time of the year), something that’s a natural as can be, and when its Canadian made, even better! 

New Radiance is an anti-aging product line created by Kim Slamka, partner R&D cosmetologists throughout South East Asia and their products are suitable for most skin types. New Radiance is a fusion of new world science and Far East skincare reflected in their tagline “Discover the Skin Care Secrets of the Far East”. 

I was sent 3 products to test out, their Facial Glo Papaya Cleansing Scrub, Hydrating Thai Algae Mask and Green Tea Glo Anti-Oxidant Cream. 

I’ve been using their facial scrub for the past 2 weeks which gently exfoliates the skin with little micro-beads coupled with mild enzymatic activity derived from natural papaya extract and salicylic acid which helps to remove daily dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and makeup. Let me tell you if nothing else, it smells amazing. A little taste of the islands right in your bathroom each morning, I can’t get enough of it. Those little micro-beads really help to get rid of dead skin or flakes on my face, leaving my face feeling like I just came home from a microdermabrasion session (without the hefty price tag). It doesn’t say anything about fighting acne on the label, but I think it’s helping mine? I know that salicylic acid helps prevent break-outs and I’m definitely seeing less on my face each morning, yippee! 

I’ve also been using their Hydrating Thai Algae Mask once a week for the past 3 weeks and have noticed a huge difference in my drying skin. I think I’ve tried everything on the market to get my skin more hydrated and nothing seems to work, until now. You just have the leave this mask on for 8-10 minutes once a week for a deep moisturizing treatment right at home. Again, it smells amazing; I think they need to come up with a body wash in this super yummy scent. This mask is made with spirulina algae derived from the Indian Ocean and naturally occurring vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and minerals to hydrate and replenish the Skin. 

Finally I’ve also been using their Green Tea Glo Anti-Oxidant Cream, another scent winner in my books. It’s has an aromatherapy scent to it, almost like coming straight from the spa. I started off using it in the morning after I washed my face, but soon switch it to a night-time cream as I found it very relaxing before bed. It blended into my skin with 2 minutes, no greasy feeling like some face creams and it left my skin feeling very smooth and soft. The next morning my skin is still very hydrated and soft. It’s made with vitamins and botanical formulation combined with green tea and highest quality organic Thai jasmine. It also contains folic acid and co-enzyme Q-10 for a simple one stop anti-aging formula. 

Overall I would totally recommend all 3 products for someone who is looking for an anti-aging, hydrating, acne fighting, Canadian made product. 



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