October 21st, 2013- Not ready to start wearing tights

I’ve been enjoying the last few nice days of Fall before the cold weather, aka snow arrives. I’m not ready to start wearing tights yet, I hate how they feel on my legs and plus I have a somewhat (the best I’ll get) tan happening right now and want to be able to “show it off”. I feel like I’m the only one not ready to embrace the cooler weather, it seems like everyone I talk to is ready for tights, scarves, bulky sweaters and boots, and I’m still holding on to summer. I’m thinking I need to move to California or something, who’s with me?

I want to know, are you excited for snow or are you wishing for a speedy 6 months so we can have Spring and Summer back? I guess the only thing good about winter is…… the holidays!

Shirt- Smart Set- $30- November 2011
Necklace- Smart Set- $18- May 2013
Ring- Stella & Dot
Purse- Rebecca Minkoff- Ebay- $170- online now
Watch- Michael Kors Hunder- $355- Gift from hubby
Cardigan- Joe Fresh- $19- September 2011
Skirt- H&M- $30- August 2011
Booties- Payless- $70- Sept 201221 (3) 21 (7) 21 (5) 21 (2) 21 (8) 21 (4) 21 (6) 21 (9)


  1. I am soooooooo not ready for fall/winter. Summer goes by so quick in Canada and I miss it terribly. LOVE your booties!

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