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I wanted to treat my readers to some early Christmas presents this year, so over the next 7 days you’ll have the chance to enter to win an array of prizes. I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite brands to giveaway over $2000 worth of prizes, including makeup sets, perfume, lip balms, skin care, nail care, hair care, sunglasses and accessories, jewellery, clothing and so much more. Make sure to stop by daily to see what brand is being featured and to entre. Did you check out the previous giveaways, PoletteBurt’s Bees, Pür Minerals and Eleven Elfs and P&G?

As you know, I’m the brand ambassador for Pearls For Girls, a Sweden company that’s now available in Canada. It provides their customers with fashion forward, high quality, costume jewellery that’s stylish, yet affordable. They encourage women to celebrate their own unique style and personality, and actually only employee women in their all-female production facility in Asia. Best part, each piece features fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones and crystals that are sourced from countries all around the world.
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Enter to win my top Pearls for Girls Fall Collection Picks, which include the Paris Necklace, Merritt Bracelet and Fatima Bracelet valued at over $175. Although each piece is perfect for all year round wear, they also make the perfect addition to any holiday look you’re creating this season.
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  1. I love the Merritt Bracelet most!

  2. I love the black pearl bracelet, it would be perfect for an outfit.

  3. I love the Paris necklace

  4. I love the Merritt Bracelet, although all of them are gorgeous.

  5. My favourite would be the pearl bracelet

  6. They’re all really elegant, but I looovve the Paris Necklace.

  7. Paris Necklace

  8. I love the Paris necklace. they are all beautiful

  9. I like the Paris Necklace!! TY!

  10. i love the Paris Necklace

  11. The Paris Necklace

  12. I love the Paris Necklace!

  13. I adore the Paris Necklace, BEAUTIFUL!

  14. I love the Paris Necklace.

  15. I think my favorite is the black pearl bracelet, but love them all! :)

  16. My fav is the necklace! It could dress up a Holiday outfit perfectly!

  17. Tough choice, but going with the Merritt Bracelet

  18. I love the Paris Necklace

  19. I love the Fatima Bracelet!

  20. I like the Paris Necklace best.

  21. I love the necklace(:

  22. My fave is theMerritt Bracelet

  23. The Merrit Bracelet

  24. i really like the Paris necklace. i don’t own any necklaces like it.

  25. The Paris Necklace is super cute.

  26. I am in love with that bracelet. They are all beautiful though!

  27. I like the Fatima bracelet.

  28. I love the Merritt Bracelet.

  29. The Paris Necklace!

  30. the black pearl bracelets

  31. I like the black pearl bracelet

  32. I love the black neclace.☺

  33. Love The Paris Necklace!

  34. my wife would surely love the bracelet the best

  35. The bracelet :)

  36. Definatly the bracelet

  37. Love the Fatima bracelet!

  38. Really digging that Fatima bracelet!

  39. The bracelet, it’s gorgous!

  40. Paris Necklace is my favorite! Anu Chopra.

  41. I love the necklace

  42. I love the Paris necklace.

  43. I like the Merritt Bracelet. It can be dressy or casual.

  44. Love the Fatima Bracelet

  45. The silver bracelet

  46. my favourite is the Paris necklace!

  47. that neckalce of course.. so pretty

  48. I love the necklace!

  49. I like the Merritt Bracelet

  50. i think i really like the Merritt Bracelet

  51. Love the Merritt Bracelet. Very classy!

  52. The Merritt bracelet is great!

  53. The Fatima Bracelet is really lovely.

  54. love the Paris Necklace

  55. My favourite is the necklace

  56. that necklace is fantastic!!

  57. The Fatima Bracelet

  58. my favorite is the black pearl bracelet

  59. I love the Fatima Bracelet.

  60. My favorite is the several strands of black beads.

  61. Love the Merritt bracelet

  62. my favorite is the Fatima Bracelet

  63. I love the Merritt Bracelet

  64. the necklace

  65. the necklace!

  66. I love the Fatima bracelet!

  67. The Fatima Bracelet is my favorite

  68. The necklace is gorgeous!

  69. The Fatima Bracelet is lovely!

  70. That necklace looks just fantastic.

  71. The Fatima bracelet.

  72. the necklace is cute

  73. I love the Fatima Bracelet.

  74. Fatima Bracelet

  75. All 3 pieces of jewerly are nice but my favorite is the Merritt Bracelet.

  76. My favorite is the the Paris Necklace, although I do love statement necklaces, I would wear it in honor of the victims of the Paris killings.

  77. fatima bracelet

  78. The fatima bracelet

  79. The fatima bracelet

  80. Definitely the necklace. I would wear this with a tshirt and jeans as well as with a pencil skirt and top to the office.

  81. the paris necklace! oh i already imagined myself wearing it!

  82. The necklace :)

  83. The Fatima Bracelet.

  84. The Fatima bracelet is my favourite! Thankyou.
    via Rhonda W G.

  85. Paris Necklace is my favourite.

  86. I LOVE the Fatima bracelet!! And there is someone in my family named Fatima. Would love to win it for her!

  87. I love the Fatima bracelet!!! So pretty!

  88. Paris necklace is my fav

  89. The Merritt Bracelet if my favourite, but the Fatima Bracelet is a very close second.
    Rafflecopter name is Chantal Halley-Plouffe.

  90. The Fatima bracelet is my fav.

  91. Fatima Bracelet is my very favorite

  92. Fatima Bracelet is my favorite.

  93. That necklace is everything!!

  94. I love the paris necklace!

  95. I like the Paris Necklace the most.

  96. the necklace!

  97. I love the paris necklace

  98. I’m a sucker for the necklace ever since my mom has pushed me to learn to wear statement necklaces, but omg I still really love the bracelets too!! All of it altogether is drool-worthy!

  99. That gorgeous necklace!

  100. The necklace is my favourite!

  101. The Merritt bracelet. Love the concept

  102. the Paris Necklace is my favourite!

  103. I like the Merritt Bracelet the best.

  104. I love the Paris Necklace the best. Beautiful!

  105. I love the Merritt Bracelet – so beautiful!

  106. I love the Merritt Bracelet

  107. I love the Merritt Bracelet

  108. My fave is the lovely Fatima Bracelet!

  109. I dig the Paris necklace!

  110. I love the Paris necklace.

  111. My favourite is the Paris Necklace!

  112. Fave is the Paris necklace

  113. I love the metal bracelet.

  114. I love the Fatima Live, Love, Enjoy Bracelet!

  115. I love the Paris Necklace.

  116. The Merritt bracelet is my fav!

  117. Merritt Bracelet is my favourite

  118. The Paris Necklace is gorgeous!

  119. The bracelet

  120. This set is stunning ! Especially love the Fatima Bracelet .

  121. I love all three pieces but if I had to pick just one I’d say the Fatima Bracelet its simply stunning! Its understated and would go with just about EVERYTHING!

  122. The necklace is my favorite! I could see my girlfriend wearing that a lot!

  123. I like the Fatima Bracelet the most

  124. The Paris necklace is my favorite!

  125. I love the necklace

  126. My favourite is Fatima bracelet but love all 3

  127. My fave is the Paris necklace

  128. I love the Paris necklace.

  129. My favorite piece is the Fatima Bracelet! Fingers crossed!

  130. I love the Paris necklace. Total statement piece.

  131. Fatima Bracelet and Paris necklace :))

  132. I like the fatima bracelet

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