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Hair Sponsor for World MasterCard Fashion Week

It wouldn’t be World MasterCard Fashion Week without heading backstage to hang out with Redken, the official hair sponsor of all 40 shows, about the hottest trends for Spring/ Summer 2015. I’ve always enjoy my one-on-one conversation with Jorge Joao, Redken’s head hair stylish, each season and this year he gave me insiders’ tips on the latest styles and must-have products. Although I didn’t have enough time to get my hair styled by one of Jorge’s talented team members, he did teach me about a few of the newest products that will have me #RedkenReady on or off the runway.

In as little as 3 steps you can achieve a pillow proof blow dry look that takes these runway looks from the catwalk to the sidewalk in minutes. First off, you’re going to want to start with Redken’s new Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse the hair and have it style ready. You know I’ve been using Redken Color Extend for 10+ years, so I’m pretty excited to try something new. Let’s just talk about how stunning this hot pink packaging is. The new Color Extend Magnetics will capture the salon-fresh vibrancy with its next generation hair colour technology. It features amino-ions that are attracted to the hair fibers that help to seal in colour. It makes sure your hair colour is secured with maximum vibrancy and alluring shine all day long. RedkenReady (2)

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo is sulfate- free and has the same lightweight formula as the original color extend. It gently cleanses the hair of build-up, dirt and oil while sealing in the colour and strengthening your natural hair fibers from root to tip. It washes clean away without feeling heavy, greasy or oily.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner has a thick and creamy texture that helps to provide a smooth finish, repair hair and detangle each strand. It leaves hair instantly smoother, softer and more conditioned and ready to be styled. RedkenReady (3)

Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer is a heat protectant hair primer that helps to cut down on blow dry time. It’s sprayed onto damp hair to protect against heat damage up to 450° F. Not only does it cut down on blow drying time, it helps protect hair against future heat damage and helps reduce breakage cause by heat and other environmental factors such as the sun, dry weather and chlorine. It helps to repair hair from the inside out and even adds extra volume.RedkenReady (4)

Redken Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist will help lock in lasting control, shine and staying power when using heating tools. It helps to provide a crisp hold when styling with a curling iron, hot rollers, straightener or any other styling tool while protecting it from future heat damage. Simply spray on damp hair and continue styling as normal. RedkenReady (5)

For those day when you don’t have time to wash your hair, or just need to give your locks are rest, Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender will be your new BFF. It will instantly transform dry, oily, day old hair into luscious, full of body hair. The powder will help to absorb oils, extend the life of a blowout and instantly refresh the hair. It will give your worn-out blow dry a refreshed, full of body, matte texture in seconds. Simply spray at the roots, brush the powder throughout the hair to evenly distribute it and refresh the hair. If need be, touch up select sections with a blow dryer or flat iron. RedkenReady (6)

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  1. Argan-6 Hair Oil For Dry Hair

  2. Redken 03 Water Wax Pomade

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  3. Their deep conditioner is my fav

  4. Redken Wool Shake, fave product ever
    Thanks, Lisa

  5. I don’t really have a fav, I do love their products!

  6. My favorite Redken product is Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine! The entire Diamond Oil line is amazing!

  7. I’ve only used their All Soft shampoo and conditioner but it’s so lovely!

  8. I LOVE their deep conditioner! It makes my hair so soft & smooth!

  9. I love their CAT treatment

  10. I love all of their products.. don’t have a favourite

  11. Unfortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to try any of Redken’s products

  12. Honestly, I have never tried any Redken’s products before. I have heard great things about them.

  13. Truth to be told, I’ve never tried anything from Redken before!

  14. I haven’t used Redken since I was in my teens. I don’t remember what the name was, but it was shampoo and conditioner

  15. Redken – All Soft Conditioner

    is a must for me and my favorite hair care product

  16. Colour Extend Shampoo

  17. i have never used a Redken product before!

  18. i’m currently using the colour extend shampoo & conditioner, i’m quite impressed with it.

    • awe that’s my fave been using it for past 6 years and before that, the blonde one- been a huge Redken fan for 12+ years now- only shampoo and conditioner I use

  19. All soft shampoo is the Best :)

  20. Definitely the colour extend shampoo!

  21. i haven’t used a redken product before..

  22. I love the Redken Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist!

  23. I have never used Redken products before. I would love to try the body full line

  24. Ive never tried Redken, but I think Id like the curvaceous line

  25. i haven’t used a redken product before

  26. I have never tried any Redken products but have heard they are great products.

  27. I have been dying to try this Redken line! Now that I just got my hair professionally colour corrected & coloured I want to take the best care of it!

  28. Redken extreme anti snap and repair conditioner! I danced for a redken hair show once! :) great products !

  29. I would love to try the products!

  30. The color shampoo and conditioner.

  31. I love their iron shape thermal spray

  32. I love the all soft shampoo and conditioner.

  33. The Redken color extend shampoo and conditioner are the best!

  34. I like the colour extend shampoo.

  35. The shampoo and conditioner for colored hair
    Florence C

  36. I steal my all-time fave from my hubby: Redken for Men’s Finish Up Daily Weightless Conditioner (smells SO good!)

  37. I’ve never used a Redken product!

  38. I have never tried Redken products but I would love to!

  39. I love the matte texturizer :)

  40. Having unruly wavy hair – humidity & dew can cause the *chia pet* look. Redken produces awesome heat styling products – have to reiterate that the iron silk is my favorite. Makes my voluminous hair sleek/shiny and manageable.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  41. I would love to try Redken. I’m a Moroccon Oil addict :)

  42. I’ve never tried Redken products but would love to try the Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer.

  43. The Colour extend really works!

  44. I have never tried Redken products before.

  45. I love the Redken Extreme leave in treatment!

  46. I like the color shampoo & conditiner

  47. I love the Redken shampoo

  48. The only Redken product I own is the Extreme Anti-Snap, so I would have
    to say that! My husband has a few of their dandruff products, but I
    haven’t had a need to use them.

  49. Pillow Proof Blow Dry for sure!

  50. I have only used the Colour extend but really liked it!

  51. I don`t think I have ever used Redken before,,so do not have a favorite.

  52. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like a great product.

  53. Redken Extreme

  54. Their deep condition is all time fav

  55. Colour Extend Conditioner!

  56. I don’t reallyyy use Redken, I tried their protective against heat spray once tho!

  57. I love the All Soft conditioner Redken makes! My hair was so soft after I used it :)

  58. I have only tried a Shampoo a few years ago so cannot say i have a favourite but would love to try the product lines!

  59. I love the Blond Idol, but all Redken products are amazing :)

  60. I have only tried the shampoo so far so I guess I would say that but I sure would love to try some of the others

  61. I have never tried it actually.

  62. The Redken Extreme leave in treatment is fabulous!

  63. I love the Redken all soft shampoo and conditioner

  64. I never heard of redken products before but they sound great

  65. Their hairspray

  66. Love the diamond oil shampoo & cond!

  67. Redken hairspray

  68. I’ve only tried Redken hairspray and love it!

  69. I love their hair thickening spray.

  70. Custom-Tone Violet

    Adjustable color-depositing daily treatment for cool blondes.

  71. I’ve never tried Redken products.

  72. I love getting the Redken shampoo for curly hair as a treat.

  73. Pillow Proof

  74. I have actually not yet tried redken products

  75. I love redken color extend:)

  76. The shape control straightening treatment is amazing!

  77. i love their hair sprays

  78. I’ve never used Redken products. – CL Chin

  79. The Redken colour extend works really well and is a favourite of mine

  80. Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine is amazing!

  81. not at the moment, would love to try Redken and then have a fav :)

  82. I like their hair thickening spray.

  83. I’ve honestly not tried much…but that Thermal Mist looks fantastic.

  84. I haven’t used Redken products before.

  85. Redken 28 hairspray

  86. I haven’t tried any yet to be honest!

  87. The straightening treatment is the best! Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. It would have to be their Extreme shampoo! (rafflecopter: sarah w.)

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