Rodial Eye Sculpt Review


Perfectly Sculpted Eyes

I’ve already talked about how to get perfectly sculpted cheeks with Rodial, but today it’s all about the eyes. With as little as 3 products, you can effortlessly achieve Hollywood glam, sculpted eyes in a matter of seconds.

Rodial Eye Sculpt comes in a round luxe glass pot with matte black packaging and is designed to help sculpt your eye socket. This versatile product can be used as an eyeshadow base, blended into the crease to help create definition or as an eyeliner to help shape the eyes. The magic doesn’t stop there, it can also be used down the bridge of the nose to help narrow it, the hollows of the cheeks to help create definition or even to fill in sparse eyebrow hairs.
Rodial Eye Sculpt Rodial Eye Sculpt

Rodial Eye Sculpt comes in a flattering and universal shade of rich chocolate brown with a lightweight, whipped, airy, mousse texture. It applies like a dream, is extremely easy to blend and is equally buildable for a more intense, bold contour. The beauty of this product is it never creases or fades, even without an eye primer. It stays put the entire day and looks as beautiful as the minute you applied it. It retails for $34.
Rodial Eye Sculpt

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen in Black is an ultra-soft gel-like eyeliner that helps to create a long lasting smokey eye look. It has a velvety formula that glides across the lid with ease, never pulling or tugging on the skin. It blends out wonderfully, sets and dries fairly quickly, but allows enough time to smudge out if need be. It’s extremely pigmented, the darkest, boldest, truly opaque liner I’ve tried in a long time. It provides true colour payoff in a few easy swipes. Its unique formula stays put the entire day without creasing or flaking, but somehow is easily removed at the end of the day. Its lightweight texture is comfortable to wear without feeling heavy and ensures a smudge free look that doesn’t transfer, even on the waterline. It retails for $21.
Rodial Smokey Eye Pen in Black

Since the Rodial Smokey Eye Pen isn’t retractable, you’re going to need a good sharpener, and the Rodial Make-Up Pencil Sharpener won’t disappoint. Its dual-blade is the essential tool for sharpening pencils of every size and perfect for delivering a more professional and precise application. It also features a blade cleaner and a cover to capture shavings, so it’s perfect for on the go.
Rodial Make-Up Pencil Sharpener

Although The Rodial Eye Sculpt Brush is intended for the eyes, its soft and fluffy bristles effortlessly blends out and darkens your eyelids, as well as seamlessly applies the Rodial Eye Sculpt to the face. It’s unique oval shape and densely packed brush hairs give an even base coverage to the eyes and blends pigments for a professional finish. It retails for $28.
Rodial Eye Sculpt Brush

For a simple daytime look apply and blend Rodial Eye Sculpt across the entire eyelid, into the socket line and along the bottom lash line to help create definition. You can then apply your favourite bronzing powder into the socket using the Eye Sculpt Brush to create warmth and glow. Apply the Smokey Eye Pen in Black along the lash line and water line to help define and enhance the eye. Top with your favourite mascara. You can also go in with the Rodial Eye Sculpt to help define the eye brows and fill in any sparse hairs.
Rodial Eye Sculpt Brush



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