Schick Quattro Your #Selfie Your Style Giveaway


How many pictures do you take to get the perfect selfie?

Whether it is 1 or 20, we all find the need to take endless amounts of them throughout the day. Schick Quattro for Women is celebrating stylish Canadian selfies in a contest called Your #Selfie. Your Style, where participants can enter for the chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree.

Since you’re probably already taking selfies, daily, why not upload one to Instagram with the hashtag #QFWSelfie and tag @QFWCanada for your chance to win. You can also upload a selfie to their Facebook app here. Contest closes in four days on July 22nd, 2014, so start snapping and uploading now.

Schick Quattro for Women is offering a fabulous giveaway to Canadian Fashionista readers valued at over $185. The prize includes 2 New Schick Quattro for Women razors, enriched with Papaya & Pearl, fold-over clutch, summery scarf, jeweled cuff bracelet and a $50 Visa gift card.Schick Quattro for Women - Giveaway Image

To enter this Schick Quattro Your #Selfie Your Style Giveaway, just leave a blog comment below telling me how many selfies you take a week or include a link to your beautiful #QFWSelfie on social media.

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  1. I rarely take selfies. Maybe one every couple of months!

  2. I actually don’t take very many, not even one a week, is that weird!?!

  3. I take on maybe once a month :)

  4. not much…maybe once a week if at all

  5. Actually I just took my first selfie while on holidays this week.

  6. Maybe 1 or 2? Usually just if I’m dressed up nice ready to go out. Clearly I work too much. Lol

  7. Hmm… depends on if I’m with friends.. 1-10 depending!

  8. I never take selfies. I refuse! Maybe I’m too old to get why anyone would. Lol!

  9. I don’t take many selfies..maybe 5 selfies a week

  10. Usually none! My hubby takes photos of me for our blog though.

  11. I usually don’t take selfies, I love taking pics of others though

  12. I take none!

  13. I don’t take selfies, I like to take photos with others more :)

  14. Maybe once a week

  15. I rarely take selfies…maybe once a month?

  16. I don’t take them on a regular basis – maybe 1 or 2 a year

  17. I don’t keep track

  18. do not take weekly or even monthly. I would have to say one very couple of months

  19. as few as possible..close to zero

  20. Honestly, I don’t usually take selfies. And if I do, it’s because my friends make me get in theirs.

  21. I probably take only 1 selfie a week!

  22. I take selfies maybe once every couple of weeks.

  23. I take one a week at the most and some weeks none.

  24. how many do i take a week? zero. I take *maybe* one or two per year (if that).

  25. Maybe 1 a week if that

  26. I take probably 2 in a week

  27. rarely – maybe once a month…

  28. I dont take them every week maybe every 2 weeks or more

  29. I hardly ever take selfies,maybe one every couple months.

  30. I rarely take selfies. I find them to be a little narcissistic

  31. I don’t take any. I am not a big “selfie” taker :).

  32. I never take selfies. I’ve tried before but I always look dorky so I gave up!*l*

  33. 2 or 3

  34. my hubby works away, so I send him selfies of sad faces, probably 4 or more a week

  35. One or two, if that – I haven’t really gotten into the ‘selfie’ culture.

  36. 2 or 4

  37. 3 or so!

  38. None, just of the family and cat!

  39. 1-2, but normally to show off my baby! :)

  40. once a week

  41. Zero…I’m not much for selfies…I’m usually behind the camera!

  42. 1 or 2

  43. i don’t take any selfies – i’m not photogenic and don’t feel comfortable with my pics

  44. Maybe 1 every couple months!

  45. maybe one or two a month

  46. I don’t take too many selfies maybe one or two a month

  47. maybe once or twice a week

  48. none

  49. maybe one

  50. one or two

  51. I take about two selfies a week.. at the most!!! I take more pictures of my art instead

  52. 10 I’m sorry!

  53. Once a week or so

  54. None

  55. 1 at most.

  56. At least 4 a day…

  57. No vanity of self-obsession here. I love to catch the candid shots – the Photographer. Nil Selfies, however if you had asked if my 10 year old son has taken Selfies – that’s another story all together – hmmmm 7 – 8, little cutie.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  58. ZERO!

  59. Your bloglovin link in the Rafflecopter is broken, just so you know. :)

  60. 5 to record my makeup

  61. I have only taken a few selfies ever!
    via Rhonda W G.

  62. At least 3 times a week

  63. I probably take a selfie a day, sometimes more if I’m feeling great!

  64. I rarely take selfies! i may have taken a few. I need #selfie101! ;)

  65. I’ve only ever taken a few selfies. I prefer taking selfies with a friend or my daughter:)

  66. I don’t take selfies. I might do one a year :)

  67. none at all

  68. None, I’m not photogenic…

  69. 5 a week!

  70. None

  71. I don’t take any selfies.

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