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And the winner of the Shop For Hope Giveaway is…… Lori K

Did you know that half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16 and that two-thirds of Canadians know a woman who has experienced abuse? Take a minute to take it all in, I had to re-read the stat three times, as I couldn’t believe how high the numbers were.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation has partnered with Winners and HomeSense to create the “Shop for Hope” campaign and you too can help stop the violence by shopping the collection that runs now through May 11th, 2014. The unique exclusive line has a little something for everyone and the net proceeds from the “Shop for Hope” collection, which includes T-Shirts, Pillows, Jewellery Boxes, Inspiration Quotes, Throws, Candles, Mugs and more, will help raise hope for women and children in local communities across Canada.

Winners and HomeSense, along with other campaign partners, have collectively raised over $12 million in the past nine years to support women who have experienced abuse. The beautiful “Shop for Hope” collection inspires people to join the cause and help women in Canada who’ve experienced violence, to rebuild their lives.Shop for Hope

Charity Quote Pillow $19.99, Charity Bag $1.49, Charity Sport Towel $7.00, Charity Throw $24.99, Charity Hydration Flavour Bottle $9.99, Charity 5 PC Set Nail Polish $12.99, Ladies T-Shirt $14.99, Charity Plush Elephant with Embroidery $14.99, Charity Teacup $5.99, Charity Candle $9.99 and Mirror Box $14.99/ $19.99 (not pictured).

To help spread the word about this amazing “Shop for Hope” collection, one of Canadian Fashionista’s followers will win ALL of the products from the exclusive line valued at over $150. Enter using the Rafflecopter below and be sure to spread the word.


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  1. by participating in “shop for hope”!

  2. Sharing awareness in the community! Social media has such a strong input these days

  3. Spreading the message and shopping the “Shop for Hope” collection!

  4. Spreading the message by talking to women who have experienced violence; its part of my past as well.

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  5. Participating in shop for hope :)

  6. By raising awareness about the issue and to empower and support women to speak out against it.

  7. Educating youth, boys & girls, on domestic violence. It needs to stop.

  8. I volunteer at a women’s shelter once a month (little known fact!). I love being able to create and SEE change firsthand.

  9. I help stop violence by prayer and treating others with dignity and respect.

  10. I teach my children respect and I live by example for them.

  11. By spreading the message. Having open conversations helps a lot of girls/women open up and share their feelings.

  12. By educating people and being there to listen and help other people

  13. I started off by volunteering at a local women’s shelter, then I became an employee there and LOVED it. You won’t believe how strong and powerful these women are, despite everything they’ve been through, they are survivors and determined to make a better life for themselves. I don’t work there anymore but still volunteer and help out. I have a very strong, close and affectionate connection to that place!

  14. By educating ppl and supporting the cause

  15. I Help by showing respect for others and teaching my children to be respectful and caring

  16. I think that talking about it is so important. I’m always here to listen!

  17. Half? Wow. Supporting the cause.

  18. I’m raising my boys to be respectful and to speak up when they see something that’s not right

  19. I grew up in an abusive household. I’ve been honest with my kids about it and how it had affected me. I have taught them that all people should be treated equally and with respect.

  20. I support local womens shelters!

  21. volunteering at a womens shelter

  22. Open and honest sharing between women and others so that women know they are not alone.

  23. I am speaking out when I see or hear my friends, coworkers, or strangers be disrespectful towards women.

  24. I make sure I instill lessons into my son and teach him how to treat everyone respectfully!

  25. I love this idea and think it makes it easy to get some Mother;s Day items and stock up on bday items and shop for Hope as the same time WIN WIN

  26. I speak up!

  27. Spreading the word to my friends and family

  28. Speak up, speak out, and speak often.

  29. telling everyone , making sure I have talks to my boys. being honest with yourself and not hiding

  30. Education. I have 5 boys, so I start at home by being honest with them and teaching them to be better than that.

  31. I am teaching my children to be kind to everyone. (with patience.)

  32. I teach my daughter what behaviours and acceptable and what aren’t, I truly believe it starts with education.

  33. I think one of the most important ways we can stop violence against
    women is to step in and speak up. So many people turn a blind eye when someone around
    them needs help. It’s up to each of us to step in and offer support in
    whatever form they need and stand up to violence.

  34. So hard to comment on this. A simple, “I support this,” seems inadequate. But spilling my personal story feels inappropriate. Perhaps I shall just say that this cause is dear to my heart.

  35. I teach my nieces to be strong and independant women. I will continue to teach them that they deserve to be treated well and if they aren’t that they need to tell us!

  36. I raise my son to treat everyone with decency and respect

  37. I call my daughter and her friends out on inappropriate behaviour.

  38. Being supportive and spreading the word when I can

  39. Educating my children and to not be afraid to be bold

  40. I always encourage friends to be open with me and I am supportive and encourage them to seek help if necessary.

  41. teaching my children respect and kindness. i also support by attending awareness walks.

  42. Will go to Winners and pickup an item. I am very pro active on this subject.

  43. I spread the word and educate my family and friends.

  44. I teach both my son and daughter to be kind and we keep our hands on our own bodies.

  45. I don’t tolerate misogynist “jokes” or an kind of hateful or demeaning humor from those around me.

  46. I teach my son to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

  47. I have taught my son to treat others with respect and compassion

    • yes i am also teaching my sons to make sure they respect women :)

  48. I teach my daughters to treat people with respect, honesty and to always be kind and if you see something go to the person and try and help them out without getting hurt

  49. My teaching my children to respect!

  50. teaching people to be kind to others, and to treat people the way you would want to be treated

  51. I teach my children (a girl and a boy) that everyone is of value and deserving of kindness, compassion and respect. They know that they should speak up and/or act to aid those in need of their assistance. ♥

  52. By educating young boys and girls about domestic violence!!

  53. I teach my son to have empathy and to treat others with respect. We discuss the impact of violence on society and how it affects everyone, not just the victim or abuser.

  54. I teach my girls to recognize abuse and to be kind to everyone.

  55. I didn’t allow myself to be a victim!

  56. I educate my family and friends.

  57. We sponsor a little girl…education is the the best way to empower girls!
    via Rhonda W G.

  58. I teach my kids to respect others regardless of gender, background, ethnicity etc. I hope future generations understand that violence is not the solution!

  59. We teach our children about how to be treated and how to treat. We also encourage them to never sit by and watch someone being abused…..get help, go tell someone who can help.

  60. We teach respect for all as well as Foster healthy self esteem and values

  61. I try to instill good values to my daughter & her friends that no one is better than anyone else and speak up when you see something happen.

  62. Educating my son about treating women with respect and to speak up if you see something wrong.

  63. By teaching my children that violence is never acceptable

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