And the winners of the SMIRNOFF Giveaway Gift Baskets are…….. Marla Pollard And Michelle Galante!

You may remember my post about the SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light which contains only 78 calories per 1.5 oz (about 25% less than a traditional vodka) and how it’s my favourite drink this summer. SMIRNOFF wants to keep the party going with 2 wonderful gift baskets filled Martini Glasses for when you pick up your SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light, a hot pink nail polish (which I’ve worn pretty much at least once a week for the past month), 2 lips balms that not only smell delish but moisturize and hydrate the lips leaving them soft and supple and a chic pair of white sunnies, cause even though summer is coming to an end, you still should be protecting your eyes all year round.

To enter just use the Rafflecopter below to win 1 out of 2 of these SMIRNOFF Gift Basket and I’m also dying to know what your favourite cocktail is!
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  1. I love Smirnoff and orange juice!

  2. I like Raspberry Smirnoff, water and bar lime! Yum!

  3. MIAMI MOJITO is my fave!

  4. I like it with orange juice and a bit of orange soda.

  5. Screwdriver!

  6. I like Smirnoff with lemon and 7up :) excited to try to Sorbet kinds

  7. The Smirnoff Caesar wins by adoration, hands down!

  8. I am a big fan of the mojito however with summer coming to an end, I’m going to get back into the caesars! Delish. I like that Smirnoff has a light version. Makes those drinking nights a little more guilt free!

  9. The Grown Up Cherry Berry Limeade sounds delish

  10. Smirnoff ice light still a fav!

  11. love smirnoff and grapefruit juice and i make strawberry marguruta with smirnoff too!

  12. Smirnoff orange screwdriver

  13. My fav at the moment is just Sour Puss Raspberry and Sprite/7-Up!

  14. i like ‘smirnoff ice’, these look good too

  15. Smirnoff with orange juice :)

  16. I’m not picky…I like them all!!

  17. I like the smirnoff with lemon and sprite

  18. I love Smirnoff with orange juice, pineapple juice, 7-up and a splash of grenedine! Super yummy!

  19. Grown Up Cherry Berry Limeade

  20. smirnoff and grapefruit juice

  21. Smirnoff Ice!

  22. It for sure is the Ceasar!!!

  23. Smirnoff , cranberry juice with a hint of lime!

  24. the Smirnoff Caesar

  25. I love my Sminoff poured over ice and topped with just of hint of orange juice. :)

  26. smirnoff ice

  27. Smirnoff Ice is my fav!

  28. Apple :)

  29. Vanilla or raspberry Smirnoff and soda water!

  30. I love a mix with pineappple juice! Just something quick and simple. It does get too sweet if you drink too many but I still enjoy it.

  31. I love Smirnoff with Rasberry Juice!

  32. love my ceasar drinks with Smirnoff ice

  33. A Screwdriver

  34. I like Smirnoff ice

  35. I love a Smirnoff Cosmopolitan.

  36. Smirnoff Ice Green Apple!! Such a lovely treat on Friday nights! Cheers

  37. I love mixing Apple Smirnoff with apple juice to make an appletini :)

  38. I only have a couple alcoholic beverages a year, but I do enjoy a paralyzer on New Years Eve, and Smirnoff is the only vodka that I use.

  39. Raspberry Vodka

  40. My favourite would be a Screwdriver

  41. I love vodka,cranberry and sprite mix..

  42. I love it with orange juice, but also with other fruit juices for a twist!

  43. Smirnoff Ice is my fav!

  44. Ceasars!

  45. I like Smirnoff Ice best.

  46. spicy ceasars!

  47. I love Lemon Smirnoff with Soda water!

  48. Mojito’s are my fav all year round :)

  49. Green apple smirnoff

  50. Cherry Berry Limeade! I love limes!

  51. I love it with orange juice

  52. Smirnoff ice!

  53. the grape one that comes in the single serve bottle

  54. Love the raspberry cosmo using Smirnoff Raspberry. I’m excited for this Sorbet Light flavour! yay!

  55. I love Smirnoff Ice!

  56. Cosmopolitan Cocktail
    1 1/2 oz Smirnoff vodka
    1 1/2 oz triple sec
    1/2 oz cranberry juice
    1/2 oz fresh lime juice
    1 orange zest


  57. Smirnoff & cranberry juice is super delicious and refreshing.

  58. I mix one up with soda, real cherry syrup and any of the fruit flavoured smirnoff’s.

  59. Capetown Berry Mash

  60. Vodka and cran!

  61. I love the Smirnoff Ice!


  63. I love it with lemonade!!

  64. Smirnoff & grenadine

  65. Smirnoff and sprite with a lime wedge

  66. with cranberry juice

  67. Screwdriver :)

  68. Smirnoff ice light is my fav.

  69. I love their Manhattan

  70. I got into Mojitos this summer:)

  71. Screwdriver

  72. smirnoff + lemonade alll dayyyyy

  73. Chocolate martini with vanilla Smirnoff

  74. Raspberry smirnoff :)

  75. smirnoff and orange juice

  76. Smirnoff Ice

  77. smirnoff regular with lime wedges and soda water …. + a splash of cranberry juice!

  78. 1 oz Smirnoff Sorbet Light, 2 oz Pineapple Coconut juice, shaken over ice. Poured into a Martini Glass and topped with Club Soda. YUM!

  79. Smirnoff ice light for sure!

  80. My favorite Smirnoff drink is Cranberry Lime Coolers.

  81. I don’t have one at the moment. It use to be cranberry juice and smirnoff but had not had one in years.

  82. Smirnoff Ice

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