THEFACESHOP MasCream Sheet Mask Review

Last month, THEFACESHOP introduced a sheet mask with a moisturizing cream base that will help target any skin issue that the modern women of today is suffering from. THEFACESHOP MasCream mask comes in 4 different formulas, to help hydrate, brighten, tighten and revitalize your skin depending on your concern. Each microfiber sheet is dense, cream-saturate with natural ingredients, such as truffle, elderflower, quinoa, and argan oil for maximum effectiveness and closely adheres to the skin to provide a soothing, comforting experience. Whether you’re planning a girl’s night, looking for a relaxing evening alone at home, or just looking to pamper yourself this season, I highly recommend one (or all) of these incredibly silky smooth, extremely hydrating sheet masks.
THEFACESHOP MasCream Moisturizing

Like all sheet masks, it comes pre-packaged with a ton of beneficial ingredients and is made from thin microfiber sheets that are pre-cut and designed to fit the natural contours of your face. Simply unfold the THEFACESHOP MasCream and carefully place the sheet mask onto freshly cleansed, dry skin. Try to avoid the eye area and mouth, sit back and relax for 10 to 20 minutes and watch as this highly concentrated formula penetrates deep down into the skin. It feels incredibly cooling on the skin and is perfect for both daytime and evening use. After the 20 minutes, simply remove the sheet mask and gently tap the rest of the serum into the skin until it’s fully absorbed. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight, dry, sticky, greasy or oily.
THEFACESHOP MasCream Moisturizing

THEFACESHOP MasCream Brightening is designed for those with dull complexion as it helps to revitalize skin and leave it healthy and glowing. It’s formulated with black pearl and argan oil to help skin feel fresh, smooth and highly hydrated. It also seems to visibly improve skin tone by revitalising and brightening the skin. I’m sure with weekly use, skin will continue to improve. It provides hydration, while leaving my skin looking radiant, bright and luminous.
THEFACESHOP MasCream Brightening

THEFACESHOP MasCream Moisturizing provides extreme hydration thanks to its hyaluronic acid and elderflower infused formula. It delivers deep moisture to help nourish and soothe dry, irritated skin. This is going to be an amazing mask for winter, as it leaves skin looking healthy with a radiant glow and extreme moisture.
THEFACESHOP MasCream Moisturizing


Although I’ve only tried each of these THEFACESHOP MasCream once, I can see it working wonders and targeting many different skin concerns. I applied both right before bed, of course at different times, and by rubbing in the excess cream, I didn’t feel the need for my nightly moisturizer. My skin seemed brighter, healthier and with a radiant glow that lasted a few days. I think these are gentle enough to use a few times a week as an excellent pick-me-up and to keep skin moisturized this winter. At only $5 a pop, you can’t go wrong. Also in the collection, THEFACESHOP MasCream Firming, which will help improve elasticity and firmness for soft, supple skin and THEFACESHOP MasCream Nourishing will help hydrated and moisturizer for those with dry, dehydrated skin.


  1. I used one yesterday for the first time and what a GORGEOUS MASK! It is so incredibly hydrating and there is more than enough essence. Better than most high end masks I have tried and a fraction of the cost.

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