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I wanted to treat my readers to some early Christmas presents this year, so over the next 3 days you’ll have the chance to enter to win an array of prizes. I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite brands to giveaway over $2000 worth of prizes, including makeup sets, perfume, lip balms, skin care, nail care, hair care, sunglasses and accessories, jewellery, clothing and so much more. Make sure to stop by daily to see what brand is being featured and to entre. Did you check out the previous giveaways, PoletteBurt’s Bees, Pür Minerals, Eleven Elfs, P&G,  Pearls For Girls , MoYou London,  Azzaro and OGX?

The Vichy Idéalia Line is designed to help freshen and re-awaken the skin by tapping into its natural radiance for visibly transformed skin, no matter what your age, skin type or ethnicity. My top three products from the collection would have to be the Idéalia Skin Sleep, designed to be used at night to help plump and refresh the skin, the Idéalia Life Serum to help illuminate the complexion and the Idéalia Eyes, to help illuminate and soften the appearance of dark circles. Use these three products together and you’ll be sure to have healthy, radiant and glowing skin just in time for the holidays.
Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep
Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep

Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep is a recovery night gel cream that helps to mimic skin’s key repair activity while you sleep. You’ll wake up to smoother, more luminous and refreshed skin. A good night’s sleep never looked so good.
Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep

The Vichy Idéalia Life Serum has been a favourite of mine for years, thanks to its 2 active ingredients that help the skin repair itself naturally and improve the ability to protect itself, along with improving the overall appearance of the complexion.
Vichy Idéalia Life Serum

Vichy Idéalia Eyes will help with those late night parties, as it helps to reduce the appearance of dark shadows around the eyes. It instantly brightens the skin that can leave you looking fatigued and tired, and it also helps to smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles.
Vichy Idéalia Eyes

If you’re looking for a collection that will help illuminate dry, dull, grey complexion in the dead of winter, make sure to enter this three piece Vichy Idéalia Giveaway. It will help refine skin texture and visibly smooth the look of fine lines for fresh, beautiful skin this holiday season.


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  1. Pretty much dull all year round

  2. Always! And it seems really bad this year. Must be an age/hormonal thing too.

  3. i sure am!

  4. Yes, I am. I’m trying to find products to change that, though!

  5. My skin does get a bit dull during the colder months.

  6. I think it is more dry than dull :/

  7. Yes, definitely dry this season!

  8. unfortunately I am, so very dry

  9. Yes- I have dry skin this year. :/

  10. Yes, I am suffering from dry, dull, grey complexion this season!
    Rafflecopter name: Anu Chopra

  11. Yes, my complexion is dull and lacking radiance.

  12. Are you suffering from dry, dull, grey complexion this season? YES

  13. My skin’s feeling a bit dry and dull this season so far! :(

  14. My skin is super dry and dull this season.
    P.S. Is this open to the US?

  15. My skin looks pale and unhealthy

  16. Definitely – the winter weather does a number on my skin!

  17. absolutely and it’s just going to get worse

  18. I am, and as I age..the duller and greyer it’s becoming.

  19. If I feel bright the day is bright

  20. I am definitely experiencing dry and dull skin this winter

  21. my skin is so dry from the cold – yuck! i’d love to win this set, the scent is absolutely FANTASTIC!! love Vichy

  22. I’m not yet, but it’s been quite warm in Northern Ontario so far this season. But once the snow hits, I will suffer :0

  23. Not yet, but it is sure to happen soon

  24. I get even drier skin during this season!

  25. I don’t know about ‘grey’….but dry for sure

  26. Very dry skin since the inside heat was turned on.

  27. I have dry skin, especially in winter.

  28. Yes I am

  29. Unfortunately, yes.

  30. My skin is definitely very dry and dull. :(

  31. Yes I am, getting worse in the winter

  32. Yes i am

  33. My skin is super dry already and its only December.

  34. My complexion is dull and my skin is dry

  35. My skin looks pretty dull and dry. Need a sprucing up!

  36. No, I don’t

  37. My skin is always dry. These products would definitely help!

  38. yes my skin looks pretty dull

  39. I sure do! I get really grey and dull :(

  40. My skin looks dull and feels dry this time of the year.

  41. yes, it’s quite dry.

  42. haha every season this I suffer

  43. Yes my skin is suffering this season.

  44. YES!! How did you know I suffer from dry, dull, grey skin!? My skin always looks super horrible in the winter time.

  45. My complexion is terrible right now. My acne isn’t too bad but my skin is dry, patchy, and bumpy.

  46. As always this time of year, my complexion is dry and dull.

  47. My skin is very picky about which products I can and can’t use, but omg Vichy works wonders!!!

  48. Our cold weather play such an important role on my skin, this time of year it is always dry and dull!

  49. No, but my boyfriend is and I would love to win this for him!

  50. Yes my skin goes a bit dull in the winter and I love Vichy! This is what I’m currently using but I’m almost out. Thanks for the chance.

  51. Yes! Winter is never kind to my skin!

  52. Definitely! Winter is very harsh for my skin. :(

  53. Yes winter is harsh on my skin.

  54. I’ve got pretty awesome skin right now due to just having s baby! Hopefully it sticks!

  55. very dry skin this year

  56. I am hoping that my skin doesn’t go dry this winter! I have added in using a facial oil so here’s hoping that works

  57. Yes. I think I may need to switch up my skin care this season!

  58. Yes

  59. Yes. Winter is always terrible for my skin. So dry all around

  60. Yes, as soon as the heat in the house goes on for the weather, my skin dries out. :(

  61. Yes! Winter is going to make my skin even worse :(

  62. Despite a mild season so far my skin still is dry, dull looking. These sound like great products!

  63. I am suffering from a dry complexion. Cold does it to me.

  64. My skin is very combination. Dry nose and cheeks but oily forehead :(

  65. Yes, my skin is dry and dull in the winter. I could really use these amazing Vichy products!

  66. Yes, dry skin. Winter is brutal on my skin!

  67. My face is the driest horrible

  68. It’s not good but better than most years actually because of the milder weather

  69. yes I am! Some reason, my skin is extra dry this year…maybe it is from all the traveling for work.

  70. Yes I am suffering from dry skin

  71. I definitely have dry skin in the winter… drives me nuts!

  72. Dry and dull..welcome to my world

  73. i have bad dry skin worst in winter this would be perfect for me

  74. Yes I am suffering from dry skin

  75. UGH Yes. I have been for the last few months. It needs to go!

  76. Yes I am suffering from dry skin

  77. Haven’t tried this but I suffer from extremely dry skin all year

  78. always.the older I get the more drier my skin gets and winter takes it toll.

  79. I hope not ………….

  80. Definitely dry and dull! Very frustrating! :(

  81. Oh yes. And then I use heavy creams and break out.

  82. Sure am…’tis the season! :/

  83. Yes I am suffering from dry mature skin

  84. Dry gallore :(

  85. Oh yes, I am! I am finding my skin is more dry this year than other years!

  86. Ugh! all of the above!

  87. My skin is gross right now, we’ve had our furnace on for a month but I only got around to digging my humidifier out of the basement yesterday so I’m super dry!

  88. oh yes, skin is getting very dry

  89. My skin always gets so dry in winter, this year is no exception.

  90. My skin starts to dry out by early November and stays like that till the spring. Could really use a product that works for this time of year.

  91. I love Vichy products. They are good products for any skin

  92. my fingertips crack every year at this time. My lips are dry all the time as well! Thanks for teh great giveaway!

  93. Unfortunately I am and its most certainly because I spend so much time outdoors! I need a great skincare regimen as well as a good Winter sunscreen as I am pretty much outside 365 days of the year!

  94. Not yet but I’m sure by January I will be!

  95. Oh yes, I am! I am finding my dry sensitive skin is very dry

  96. I have dry sensitive skin, but after giving birth recently I’ve found it to be the driest it’s ever been! Maybe Vichy can help

  97. My face is soo dull and dry right now

  98. Not yet :)

  99. The pink packaging is so pretty!

  100. Yes my skin gets so dry in the winter.

  101. PErfect for winter :)

  102. Dry scaly skin is one thing I hate when winter comes.

  103. I am starting to get dry skin from the cold weather.

  104. need this moisturizing cream for face and hands as its too cold

  105. My skin gets very dull and dry in winter.

  106. My skin has been acting up really badly!

  107. My skin, unfortunately has always been so dry and it’s so hard to find something that actually works for me!

  108. Yes very dry especially on my back..drives me nuts..thank God for back scratchers

  109. my hands are always so dry when the cold weather starts

  110. my face needs moisture and lots of tlc during the winter

  111. I definitely have the dry skin part.

  112. Yes, yes & yes! Ugh :(

  113. My skin gets very dull in winter.

  114. I am absolutely suffering from dull winter skin! The cold, and even damp weather, is brutal!

  115. dry and dull!

  116. I have very dry skin issues during the winter.The elements are too harsh and play havoc on my skin and hair.

  117. My skin has seen better winters and I have been moisturizing like a banshee on sugar cookies.

  118. my skin is needing some life –its dull from the winter weather

  119. Definitely dryness…my skin needs more/better moisturizer.

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