Volkswagen Countdown to a Golf Giveaway

My blog is all about looking good and feeling great on a budget, no matter where the road may take you. Summer is just around the corner and we all look forward to drinks on the patios, long weekends at the cottage, great music at outdoor festivals, road trips to the beach. One might think our summertime must-have accessories are sunnies, lip balm, sunscreen and a bathingsuit, but none of these fun adventures would be possible without one essential accessory….a sweet ride.

Volkswagen Canada is putting consumers in the driver’s seat this season by allowing them to set the price on their All-New Golf or Golf GTI. The Countdown to a Golf lets you have all the power, and decide just how much you’ll let the price count down before locking in a brand new Golf or Golf GTI. From now until June 24th, 2014, you’ll see the price of the 2015 Golf and Golf GTI count down every second, up to $1,000 per day, and all you have to do is jump in, reserve it, and it could be yours.

How long can you hold out? Are you patient enough to wait for the new Golf to drop by thousands of dollars? It okay if someone beats you, 60 seconds after the discount is reserved, the countdown begins again.

I have a special Volkswagen Countdown to a Golf Giveaway for when you do win the new 2015 Golf or Golf GTI. A new car calls for celebration and no better way to celebrate than with a summer picnic in the park.

And the winner is……… Karine G.
Now all she’ll need are munchies, as Volkswagen will provide he with a comfy, soft and foldup beach blanket, a tumbler to keep her drinks cold in the heat, a cotton tote bag to store all her accessories and a handy key chain so she’ll always have her keys ready for her new ride. It’s a retail value of over $50 and and she had to do was let me know her favourite thing about a new car is? Mine is definitely the new car smell.


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  1. Definitely the new car smell!!! :)

  2. it’s so clean!

  3. Its so clean!

  4. I love how shiny and new it looks and feels.

    ps. I purchased my very own VW Jetta this year, so I can totally appreciate the VW gear ;)

  5. The clean smell!

  6. New car smell and how shiny and clean it is!

  7. I love how clean a new car is! Doesn’t seem to stay that way too long though.

  8. the new car smell

  9. Agreed, new car smell, nothing like it

  10. That nothing needs to be fixed….. yet

  11. I like that I can take long trips without worry!

  12. the smooth ride

  13. The smell!

  14. That everything is clean and perfect.

  15. the new car smell

  16. I love how clean the inside of a new car is.

  17. The new car smell!

  18. The new car smell and how perfectly clean it is. If only it could stay that way.

  19. I love the cleanliness and smell of a new car!

  20. Learning about all the new features

  21. That new car smell!

  22. the smell :)!! and the feeling of feeling accomplished haha

  23. the smell :)

  24. My favourite thing is how clean it’s.

  25. That new car smell and trying out all the features!

  26. relyablitiy. Nothing is worse than an old car that you can’t trust in the winter.

  27. It’s clean both inside and outside (without my kids’ cheerios on the floor or next to their car seat)

  28. The new car smell is awesome!!

  29. Call me weird but I love that new car smell!

  30. How clean it is!

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