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I’ve absolutely fallen head over heels for the new Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor. It features a built-in, waterproof bikini trimmer for in and out of the shower. It has an adjustable comb with 4 different settings for a customized look and feel and to help tackle your bikini needs. It also boasts a 5 curve sensing blade that fits the natural curve and contours of your body and comes with a unique skin guard on each blade to help protect against irritation. I’m obsessed with this 2-in-1 design, I can now easily obtain my own personal look and feel without the need for multiple products. It has a unique handle, with a grip pattern, designed for easy handling and an integrated stand to prevent blades from touching countertop surfaces. The water-activated moisturizing serum helps to replenish my skin’s natural moisture barrier for up to 2 hours after shaving. How many razors can offer this? This is a must have tool for all women and if you’re looking for an incredibly close shave for the most sensitive areas this summer, this is the only razor you’ll need. It’s available now at your local grocery, drug and mass retail stores across Canada and retails for $13.99.
Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor  (2) Schick Hydro, Silk TrimStyle Razor

Also be sure to keep an eye out for the Schick Hydro Hotel coming to a city near you this summer. The unique and innovated hotel is a mini 2-story hotel complete with concierge, lounge, bathroom and spa area where you can get a key to turn open the door to great prizes. Schick Hydro, Silk TrimStyle Razor Schick Hydro, Silk TrimStyle Razor

Enter to win 1 of 50 new Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razors by entering below. The 50 winners will also have the chance to win a $200 Schick Prize Pack by providing their review on the Hydro Silk TrimStyle Canada Facebook page after testing it out.

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  1. sitting by the water

  2. Lounging in the pool

  3. Reading outside

  4. Going to the beach!

  5. swimming

  6. spending time at the lake

  7. camping!

  8. Long walks at night

  9. I love relaxing in the oudoors. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and back to nature!

  10. going to the beach or splash pad!

  11. Heading to the beach!

  12. I love swimming in the lake

  13. going to the cottage

  14. relaxing on my patio with friends :)

  15. Relaxing on my patio

  16. Lounging at the beach….

  17. We love to go for a picnic and beach day

  18. Camping!

  19. Playing softball

  20. I love to go to the beach and watch the waves – if the kids are with me then I watch them play in them…I don’t go in the water very far, I’m a 70’s kid – the Jaws theme starts up and I skidattle! :-)


  21. My favourite summertime activity is hiking in the nearby woods

  22. Camping is my favorite summertime activity.

  23. Camping :)

  24. Camping, camping and more camping!

  25. playing in the water with my little guys

  26. hunting for sea glass

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  27. gardening

  28. I love hiking :)

  29. camping for sure :)

  30. just being outside in the warm sunshine watching my niece play

  31. Love going to the beach

  32. Definitely fishing.

  33. Fishing at the lake

  34. Love hitting up all the festivals and outdoor farmer’s markets

  35. Gardening

  36. Working in my flower beds.

  37. Swimming

  38. Going to the beach.
    Florence C

  39. We love going to the beach and swimming!

  40. I love BBQ’s with family and friends.

  41. I love walking, enjoying the beautiful weather

  42. Camping!!!

  43. swimming in the lake and long walks

  44. reading at the beach

  45. I LOVE sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine!


  47. I loving hiking with the family

  48. I love camping in the summer, going canoeing, biking and swimming all goes with camping!

  49. I love BBQ’s with family and friends

  50. the beach!

  51. BBQs and pool parties!

  52. Golfing

  53. I like to sit outside in the sunshine and BBQ.

  54. BBQ in the backyard with friends!

  55. Swimming in the pool with my grandbabies

  56. I love sitting in the sun and reading a good book!

  57. working in the garden

  58. swimming and bbq

  59. i love soaking up the sunshine in my backyard with a good book , also spending time in the pool with my kids

  60. Bicycling the rail trails

  61. day trips to farmers markets

  62. Going to the park with my dogs!

  63. i like going fishing

  64. playing Way Up with my dog and taking her on road trips

  65. going to the beach with my kids!

  66. camping!

  67. Going to the beach with my children!

  68. Just being on a patio enjoying a nice glass of wine.

  69. I like going fishing

  70. Bike riding along the sea wall!

  71. Going for walks and gardening.

  72. picnics in the park

  73. Definitely swimming!

  74. I like going to the beach.

  75. swimming

  76. Going to the beach with my granddaughters, swimming and making sand castles

  77. going for walks with my daughter, enjoying the outdoors

  78. just hanging with my grandson

  79. Having family and friend over enjoying food and company is what my summers are all about!

  80. Swimming

  81. Gardening

  82. I love spending a day at the beach and swimming in the lake.

  83. Swimming and biking are my favorites!

  84. Swimming!

  85. Swimming in the lake with my dogs and my friends with a beer in my hand!

  86. HIKING

  87. Swimming in our backyard pool!

  88. Hoop dancing by the pool!

  89. Reading

  90. Camping, Swimming, Hiking

  91. Swimming with my family in our pool.

  92. My favourite summertime activity would have to be BBQs, walks, pools, and spending time with family and friends :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  93. awesome giveaway

  94. camping

  95. Going on vacation to visit family!!!! :)

  96. hiking and campiing

  97. Going to the cottage with my hubby and sons, fishing, hiking and just being together spending us time together, with noone else to have to entertain or do anything for, that will take away from our us time. Might sound selfish… But we don’t get to spend nearly enough “US” time together and you just never know how much us time we have left.. <3

  98. Swimming and hiking! I need smooth legs for the first one or I’ll scare everyone ;) I would love to try out the new Schck Hydro Silk Razor and leave a review!

  99. going to the park with the kids

  100. Swimming with the kids is my favourite!! :)

  101. I can’t wait every summer to garden and BBQ!

  102. I live on a farm away from water, so I love to play in the hose with my ducks…:)

  103. Camping and water sports with all the family!

  104. love going to the beach.

  105. Camping with my family

  106. Golf

  107. Camping

  108. I can’t wait to try this! Trailers don’t have showers that let you shave very well so this is a welcome idea!

  109. camping

  110. Swimming!

  111. Swimming in the lake is my favourite summer time activity.

  112. Favorite summer activities would be going to the beach, campfires and the drive-in!

  113. Camping with the family and canoeing

  114. We love going to the lake and playing games like lawn bowling, ladder golf and slip ‘n slide

  115. Hanging out on the beach with my bf!

  116. Spending time at the lake with family

  117. The razor sounds fantastic

  118. Spending time outdoors with friends & family….especially my grand daughter who is gonna be three August 27. :D

  119. Cottaging, days at the beach!

  120. beach/swimming/camping

  121. I love to swim :D

  122. Boy do I need this! Barely have time to shave my legs, let alone my bikini!

  123. Spending time outside!

  124. go to the beach

  125. Long summer walks!

  126. Sitting on the back deck, soaking up the sunshine

  127. Sitting outside and reading a book.

  128. I love spending the whole day at the beach with my family- nothing better!

  129. My favorite summertime activity is riding my bike!

  130. id love to get one really need one for when school is out and the 5 kids want to go swim and beach thanks for the chance

  131. drinks on the deck or patio with good friends

  132. gardening and fishing are my favorite summer activities

  133. Going to the beach

  134. Hanging out at the beach

  135. Hanging out on the patio having drinks & dinner/lunch with friends/family.

  136. i dont get to be near a beach much cos in Alberta but love to find water somewhere and hang with friends and sun bathe!

  137. hanging by the pool with friends and family

  138. Swimming with my family and going to the ball diamond!

  139. I love soaking up the sun , going for walks with my lo and looking for treasures . Rafflecopter name is Carey Hurst

  140. lying in the backyard with a cold drink and a good book

  141. Hiking with my kids

  142. love going to the water park with our daughter

  143. Bbqs and bonfires

  144. BBQ’ng with friends and family.

  145. Spending long summer nites sitting by a fire with great friends!

  146. going for walks

  147. relaxing at the cottage by the beach

  148. Tanning at work, beach weather & more ice-cream of course!

  149. Our fav summer activity is camping!

  150. CAMPING:)

  151. Swimming

  152. My favorite is swimming.

  153. Backyard BBQing

  154. swimming and the beach

  155. Spending time outdoors with friends, soaking up the sun.

  156. swimming and sitting by the pool.

  157. Camping with the kids

  158. the Beach!

  159. Swimming

  160. Swimming

  161. Reading a book on my deck!

  162. road trips and farmer markets

  163. barbequing.

  164. Love sitting around the camp fire :)

  165. Relaxing at the beach☀️

  166. taking walks

  167. Festivals and walks

  168. Spending time with my son in the backyard!

  169. The beach with my family!

  170. Going for ice cream, berry picking, going to the beach!

  171. We love having family BBQs in the backyard!

  172. Music festivals!

  173. Watching the sun set at the beach :)

  174. Sitting on my deck reading a book.

  175. Some of my favourite summer pastimes are camping, beach days and sitting out with some homemade iced tea and a great book.

  176. Spending time with my family, at the park,camping,in the backyard, swimming,etc.

  177. This looks amazing!!

  178. My favourite summertime activity is cooking on the BBQ for family and friends

  179. Walking through the nature trails at the park.

  180. working in my garden and BBq with family and friends

  181. CAMPING of course and Bbqs…star gazing! It’s my birthday on the 11 hook me up!

  182. would love to try it

  183. floating in the pool :)

  184. My favorite summertime acitivity is hiking!

  185. Walking barefoot in the sand!

  186. Geocaching with my dog!

  187. My favorite summer activity is watching my grandson play outside on his outdoor playset or in the pool or plaing hockey or riding his bike/scooter/quad.

  188. Walking along a beach at sunset

  189. My favourite summertime activity is BBQ-ing with family and friends

  190. My favorite summer thing is being with family on a picnics and at the beach or just around out pool

  191. Going to the beach.

  192. My favorite summer time activity is going for a swim at the lake, then huddling around a fire with friends, talking and singing. Some of my best memories were just sitting around a fire.

  193. sitting at the beach

  194. Our favourite summer activity is definitely swimming!

  195. I love tendon got my vegetable garden.

  196. Our favourite summer activity is swimming and long walks with our dog

  197. Bar b q with family

  198. I love growing my own veggies for salads – the best summer food!

  199. Gardening of course. Thanks

  200. our favourite family fun in summer is swimming in muskoka

  201. Swimming in the backyard pool… oh yeah!

  202. My favorite family fun is BBQing and swimming in the pool!

  203. Going to the water park

  204. I love going to the beach!

  205. Going Portaging

  206. enjoying with the family at the beach

  207. Going to the water park

  208. Escaping to the cottage :)

  209. My favourite thing to do is gardening!

  210. Backyard Lounging

  211. Takign the kids swimming!

  212. Planning outfits for warm days ;)

  213. smelling the sunshine

  214. bbq food especially corn

  215. Going to the beach and family time at the cottage!

  216. more pool visits

  217. kayaking.

  218. relaxing

  219. eating watermelon on a hot day

  220. I love biking

  221. Fishing

  222. Swimming!!!

  223. Going to Festivals

  224. Fishing!!!

  225. hiking!!

  226. swimming

  227. camping with family and friends and swimming are my two ultimate favourite summer activities.

  228. Swimming

  229. Going to the beach!!!!

  230. swimming

  231. Hanging at the cottage!

  232. Swimming, and soaking up the sun.

  233. My Favorite Summetime activity is going tubing with my family! (We get transport tubes and go down a river!!) Its so fun and winning and reviewing this razor would definetly get my legs in perfect shape for this!!

  234. swimming!

  235. Suntanning!

  236. I like having a BBQ at the beach

  237. Summertime BBQ!

  238. I love going to Canadas wonderland a bunch of times over with friends and going out for a picnic break. I also love going on camping trip with friends and every other year going on a tropical vacation! My skin is very semsitive to razor irritation, so I think this razor would work much better for me! :)

  239. Anything that involves being either in or on the water!

  240. Beach…no question!

  241. My fav. summer time activity is going to the big city for a couple of days with my family

  242. Swimming

  243. We live right by the beach so I’d have to say Beach!!

  244. I love to go camping!

  245. going to the park

  246. Camping.

  247. Running!

  248. camping

  249. Bbq and going to the beach with friends and family ! Also checking out summer events and festivals !!

  250. gardening

  251. Exploring nature

  252. Swimming

  253. camping or fishing!

  254. Being around a fire, roasting marshmallows while watching fireworks with my beautiful 7 year old daughter. :)

  255. Summer Festivals!!

  256. Favorite summer time activity is being outside, at the beach, fish or camping with my family

  257. Camping!

  258. Swimming at the beach!

  259. Camping!

  260. swimming

  261. Swimming!

  262. Going hiking with friends.

  263. Gardening, going for walks, exploring beautiful spots in cottage country. Love the warm air, blue skys and the smell of flowers. Nothing better!!!

  264. Swimming, picnics, road trips, hanging out in the backyard.

  265. Hanging out on our deck, watching the goings=on in the neighbourhood and relaxing.

  266. Taking the kids to the beach and water parks

  267. My favourite activity in the summer is going to the lake – thank you!

  268. Picnics in the park

  269. nights by a bonfire with family and friends

  270. Swimming is a family favourite!

  271. My favorite summer activity is camping with the family!

  272. Going to the beach!

  273. I love going to the beach and reading a great novel!

  274. Camping with family!

  275. I love barbecuing.

  276. my favorite summer
    activity is camping and boating

  277. I love to go swimming

  278. swimming

  279. I like to go bike riding.

  280. Biking!

  281. I love BBQs and going to the beach.

  282. I love to go swimming!

  283. Summer is beachtime and sitting on the porch reading a juicy mystery – and watching the birds attieslm@gmail.com my feeders.

  284. Summer is beachtime and sitting on the porch reading a juicy mystery – and watching the birds at my feeders.

  285. Summer is beachtime and sitting on the porch reading a mystery – and watching the birds at my feeders.

  286. My favorite summertime activity is hiking.

  287. Nice walk watching the Nature!!

  288. is golfing!

  289. Love walking in nature

  290. Camping

  291. Walking

  292. walking and enjoying nature!!!

  293. camping

  294. BBQ and camping

  295. Swimming!

  296. Walking around the beach, I don’t know how to swimming, but I like to play with water.

  297. Swimming! :)

  298. My favorite summertime activity is going to the beach!

  299. My favourite summertime activity is swimming.

  300. My favourite summertime activity is lounging in the backyard pool.

  301. BBQ’s swimming and picnics!

  302. Eating at restaurant patios, and BBQ parties!

  303. yoga outside!

  304. going to our trailer in front of the lake and go swimming :D

  305. Going to the cottage and the beach!

  306. Shopping, sleeping in, and making yummy cold drinks and ice cream :)

  307. relaxing and watching baseball!

  308. Relaxing and catching up on my favorite TV series.

  309. Cottage and dock with the grand kids!

  310. being outdoors, walking and bbqing

  311. Going to the country house

  312. Bicycling in the park.

  313. Going to the beach, or spray Park with my boys! Just love summer

  314. Swimming

  315. Camping and going on survivalist backwoods trips to Algonquin!

  316. Going to the beach!

  317. Love to go swimming!

  318. my favorite summer time activity is camping

  319. Going to the beach

  320. skydiving

  321. Tanning or swimming

  322. Going for long walks

  323. beach time with family and friends

  324. Traveling and exploring with my family

  325. going to the cottage

  326. Swimming on a hot summer day :)

  327. BBQing

  328. sitting under a shade tree reading

  329. Absolutely the very best razor on the market!

  330. sitting on my deck with a cold drink!

  331. Beach tome whit m’y family

  332. Visiting the lake with the family

  333. Swimming in the pool!

  334. hanging out with friends

  335. planting garden

  336. definitely camping :)

  337. Gardening then sit back with a cold drink

  338. camping :)

  339. Swimming

  340. Walks in the city

  341. bbq’ing :)

  342. Letting all hair on my body grow. summertime free spirit

  343. walking

  344. swimming

  345. Swimming for sure!!

  346. Entered – good luck everyone!

  347. I hope to win this contest. I need to find a razor that works, and ive heard good things about this one :) Good luck everyone and thank you for this contest

  348. Tagged as:
    hair care,
    skin care,
    I hope to win this contest and give the winnings to my wife

  349. Eating outside !

  350. Sitting around a campfire at night.

  351. This looks great, thanks for the chance to win!

  352. Hanging on the patio with friends and family

  353. swimming…so relaxing

  354. Playing outside with my kids!

  355. at the pool with my best buds

  356. Watching stars around campfires at night.


  358. Walking in the evening along the water front and relaxing by a campfire with family and friends

  359. My favourite summertime activity is cycling.

  360. My fav summertime activity is being by the beach

  361. camping!

  362. Gardening

  363. BBQ and Beer on the deck

  364. Going out to the pool and having some drinks and then coming back into the cold a/c apartment and kicking back with a good book.

  365. Is this an activity? I just love sitting in my fold out Canada chair, with my toes in the sand, soaking up the sun with a homemade (& cheap) iced coffee drink & watching the seals pop up & play in the water! Favourite thing to do on a hot, sunny day!

  366. Hanging out in the park & concerts.

  367. my favorite summer time activity is going on picnics with all my family we swim, play games with the grandkids and of course lots to eat it is just a great time always

  368. BBQ cool breeze and good company

  369. my favourite summer activity is going to the beach! can’t wait ’till it gets warmer!

  370. camping!

  371. Swimming at the beach !

  372. Swimming

  373. heading to Emma Lake, SK – sun and water and relaxing in a hammock ;)

  374. Love summer weekend nights by the fire, enjoying a few beer with friends!

  375. Love camping and hanging with the family on a big family beach day

  376. good stuff

  377. walking

  378. Swimming!

  379. Road trips

  380. In the summer I love working in my garden and seeing all the plants growing and flowers blooming. It is relaxing and makes me happy.

  381. Bar-b-ques and warm weather!

  382. Camping vacations with the kids

  383. Hiking in the woods and swimming!!

  384. Happy camper

  385. Swimming

  386. BBQ in the backyard

  387. reading on my deck

  388. Sunning!

  389. Swimming in the lake.

  390. bbq and family on the patio

  391. Swimming

  392. Would love to win one!

  393. My favourite thing to do in the summer is go for drives to get ice cream!

  394. Swimming at the beach

  395. This is the ultimate razor I am have been seeking. Easy and effective.

  396. I love to travel this would make things go faster and “smoother”

  397. Hiking!

  398. swimming or just hanging out at the beach

  399. I love fishing while we go camping

  400. I love swimming and biking.

  401. Hiking

  402. swimming in my new pool!!

  403. this looks like a great little tool from the ads on tv …would love to check it out. & retailing for 13.99 beats cost of waxes over the summer

  404. swimming and picnics

  405. I love going to the beach and swimming!

  406. we love camping with family and friends bbqing and enjoying time together :)

  407. We love going for walks, and gardening.

  408. barbequing and hanging out reading on the deck

  409. We love camping in the summer the most :)

  410. Bonfires! Camping! Washers!

  411. Cruising around in my convertible Mustang catching the summer rays!

  412. Backyard bbqs and drinks with my friends.

  413. Swimming is my favourite summertime activity. It’s refreshing, and I feel so light and free so I can do hand stands in the shallow end without the fear of falling on my back. I also enjoy swimming like a fish lol.

  414. Campfires, starry nights (out of the city), sunsets and patio drinks with friends :)

  415. My favourite summertime activity is swimming.

  416. Going to music festivals.

  417. Dragon boating

  418. biking, swimming, and roasting marshmallows on the fire

  419. My favourite summer activity is hanging out by the pool trying new cocktails with my friends!

  420. Camp fires and roasting marshmellows:)

  421. My favorite summertime activity is having a BBQ!

  422. I love going for long walks in the summertime!

  423. Drinking cider, bbqing, swimming in the lake.

  424. Love swimming, biking and BBQ’ing.

  425. Love going to the beach for walks ;)

  426. Eating popsicles :)

  427. Spending time at the cottage!

  428. going on day trips with the kids

  429. Staying indoors in the AC!

  430. My favorite activity is long walks with my dog

  431. walking on the beach in the shade

  432. Walking the beach!

  433. My favourite summer activity is hanging out at the park, and enjoying beautiful british columbia

  434. My favourite summer activity is going to the beach and swimming!

  435. Swimming in my new pool!!

  436. Sitting by the pool and tanning !!

  437. Love hiking!

  438. Going to the beach!

  439. Canoe camping!

  440. Laying in the sun on my hammock to enjoy the warmth before the winter comes again.

  441. Camping/hiking anything to do with nature!!!

  442. Enjoying the weather. Summer is way too short…

  443. The beach… and drinks on patios with friends :)

  444. swimming

  445. my fave activity is going to the different outdoor festivals!

  446. enjoying the warm weather out by the pool

  447. fun working in the flower beds

  448. My fave summertime activity is canoeing!

  449. My fave is working in my gardens, then going for a dip in the pool

  450. my favorite summer activity is swimming

  451. Kayaking and fishing on a nice summer day! Just laying in the sun soaking up the rays.

  452. Swimming

  453. My fav activity is running and playing tennis!

  454. Taking long walks at sunset by the lake

  455. My favorite thing to do in the summer is sit at the beach/park with a good book and nature’s warm weather!

  456. My favourite summer activity is hiking and exploring trails I’ve never ventured before! :)

  457. hanging at the beach with my family

  458. Camping~but you can still look great and eat well.

  459. Camping and hiking!

  460. Rest and relaxing by the water.

  461. Camping and Hiking and cant forget swimming!!!!

  462. kayaking!

  463. My favourite summer activity is gardening….. :)

  464. Bike riding with my nephew in the back. and watching my trees grow.

  465. i love hanging out with my daughter in the sun!

  466. swimming!

  467. I love camping!! This is our family’s favorite thing to do :D

  468. We love swimming, camping and geocaching.

  469. Swimming

  470. I love swimming in our pool!

  471. I love to go camping.

  472. Swimming & playing in the sun

  473. Gardening and fresh PEI lobster!

  474. would love to win this for my daughter!

  475. Beach bumming while reading and looking at my smooth legs! :)

  476. I just tried pasting my daily tweet into the entry box above, but I just pasted a ‘v’ and hit enter too quickly. Here is the link for my tweet today: https://twitter.com/hogorman/status/610510131655151616

  477. My favourite summer activity is swimming at the beach

  478. Gardening with my hubby is my perfect day.

  479. going to the beach and swimming in the ocean

  480. Going to the beach

  481. Aww love it

  482. Spending time out in the garden followed by a bbq supper and time out on the deck!

  483. A walk in the park.

  484. lazing at camp in the wilderness with nature

  485. Biking with the family

  486. Going to the beach!

  487. Biking

  488. a walk in the park

  489. walking and hiking
    (Debbie W)

  490. I love lounging by the pool and reading in the sun!

  491. Taking my daughter to the beach.

  492. My favourite summer activity is reading a book on my deck.

  493. Taking my daughter to the beach.

  494. Swimming with my kids

  495. Spending time with family and friends ouy doors and camping.

  496. Swimming and camping with my friends.

  497. Beach beach beach

  498. Would love to a win! Still in search for the best razor

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