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There’s a large selection of self-tanners on the market today, offered in an array of different finishes to best suit your skin tone and level of bronze you’re looking for. That being said, not all self-tanners are created equally. Most of them are full of harsh chemicals, causing more harm to your skin than good. The whole idea behind self-tanning is to create a faux glow without the harmful and damaging effects of the sun, yet here we are pumping our bodies full of toxic ingredients. I fell in love with Vita Liberata last year, and have already featured a few products on this fashion blog, not only because of its unique technology that provides a long lasting tan, but because of its all natural, certified organic ingredients. Achieving a healthy faux glow doesn’t have to be scary nor does it have to be dangerous, but before we get started on new innovated products, I wanted to share some self-tanning tips first.
Vita Liberata Vita Liberata

The first step in achieving a foolproof selfless tan is to exfoliate. I can’t stress this enough, it’s so important to polish your skin before, this will make the world of difference between a golden goodness and a blotchy mess. Second step, shave any areas of your body that you don’t want hair, this will help to create a smooth surface for the self-tanner to adhere to. Third step, moisturizer. You want to make sure your skin is extremely hydrated, not only on the day of your tan, but a few days leading up to it. This will ensure the self-tanner doesn’t settle into any dry areas, leaving a patchy, streaky mess. Now that you’re ready to tan, plan ahead. You don’t want to be in a rush, nor do you want to apply your self-tanner on an important day or night before a special event.  Mistakes are bound to happen, so you want enough time to clean up any mishaps, along with enough time for the tan to fully develop. Wear gloves or mitts to prevent your hands from becoming extremely dark, apply in small amounts and in small circular motions.
Vita Liberata Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata Marula Dry Oil is a unique self-tanning oil that provides a gradual sunless tan with a luminous, natural glowing finish. It features east African marula oil that’s 4x more hydrating than argan oil and has 4x more vitamin C than oranges. These ingredients combined not only help to achieve a natural looking tan, but it provides amazing anti-aging and hydrating benefits too.

Vita Liberata Marula Dry Oil delivers an instant bronze skin finish to the skin with a healthy radiant glow upon first application. Its buildable colour allows you to choose the perfect tan shade for your skin tone over a few days. It provides 72 hours of hydration and leaves a light golden glow that can last up to 10 days. It has an incredibly lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs into the skin and dries fairly quickly. It’s unbelievably easy to use, a lot easier than a lotion or a mousse, as it provides a streak-free, seamless finish with little to no effort at all. I actually find I’m more likely to re-apply it throughout the week than other self-tanners in the past. The dry oil provides a subtle tint for an instant colour boost with no missed spots, yet allows me to build up the intensity over the next few days. My skin is not only left glowing, but it feels soft, smooth and hydrated. It retails for $65 for 100ml at Sephora.

Vita Liberata Marula Dry Oil

Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish is a unique BB cream-like product that’s designed for both your face and body. It helps to not only minimize blemishes, imperfections and smooth appearance, it’s also created to reflect light for that photo-ready, soft focus, HD finish. It can act as a primer on both your body and face, alone or under foundation, to help give a natural looking tan than can easily be washed off when you choose. Not only does it help to add a touch of radiance to your skin, it helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin for up to 72 hours thanks to its organic extracts and skin conditioning benefits. Your skin will look healthy, luminous and flawless for up to 24 hours, or until you rinse it off. 

Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish is a bloggers dream, or anyone else that takes photos on the daily and doesn’t want to fuss with gradual tanners. It also doubles as a primer and self-tanner in one, which we all know I’m a huge fan of double duty products. It not only provides a beautiful, natural looking tan, but its light reflecting particles give a subtle glow that looks amazing in photos. It’s also perfect for those whose face tends to be a shade or two lighter than the rest of your body, it instantly gives a hint of colour that doesn’t interfere with you’re the rest of your makeup. Its lightweight formula is breathable, dries on contact and doesn’t seem to cling to any dry areas on my face. Added bonus, it doesn’t cause me to breakout nor does it have that awful chemically scent like other tanners. It retails for $55 for 100ml.
Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum is a face serum that’s designed to coexist with your current skincare routine to give a subtle, long-lasting golden glow to the skin for a natural-looking tan. A few drops can be added to your daily moisturizer or applied directly onto the skin without compromising your skincare benefits. It features both rose, neroil, cucumber and peptides to help plump, smooth and nourish the skin, while locking in moisture and adding balance to the skin.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum has a clear, completely odorless formula that effortlessly absorbs into the skin and sets and dries within seconds. I love that I can control the intensity of my tan by adding fewer drops of the serum. When applying it to my daily moisturizer, I tend to add at least 3 drops of it, to help deliver a faint healthy glow, whereas when I apply it directly to my skin straight from the bottle, I usually only use a single drop, as it provides a deep, darker, richer tan on its own. It provides a velvety soft, second skin-like finish that lasts throughout the day without oxidizing or fading. It can easily be removed at the end of the day. It provides just enough moisture, without clogging more pores or leaving my skin looking or feeling greasy, for all day comfort, even under my foundation. It retails for $55 for 15ml.
Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum

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