March 12th, 2014- Comfy Hump Day

Today was one of those days, a comfy hump day if you will. The day I didn’t want to get dressed, put on makeup or even leave the house, but had too.  If I was going to brave the freezing cold, snowing (yet again) and windy day, I was going to be comfy. This is totally out of my element, but I love it!

My hoodie for today is what I wanted to do, I wanted to stay inside, in bed, and eat comfort food instead of going out. My joggers made me feel like I was still in my PJ, but more acceptable when in public and these sneaker, oh boy these sneakers, the most comfy pair of shoes I own.

Eat A Lot, Sleep A Lot Hoodie- c/o Style Lately
Joggers- Smart Set
Purse- Coach
Watch- Micheal Kors
Bracelet- Gift
Sneaker Wedges- Spring

How do you stay warm and comfy on days like today?
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