May 1st, 2014- BLOSSOM x BKR Beauty Water Challenge

This month I’ll be taking the BLOSSOM x BKR Beauty Water Challenge, the goal here is to drink 5 BKR bottles (500ml) throughout the day and watch as my body and skin changes. Blossom Lounge has places 5 elastic bands on my bottle to help me keep track of how much water I’ve actually drank and each time I refill it, I take a band off; how smart is this? We all know the importance of drinking more water, but did you know it can essentially help to burn more calories? It’s also a known fact that sometimes we feel hungry, but it’s actually just a sign that we’re thirsty. So instead of stuffing our face with high calorie foods, we might be just as satisfied with drinking water. I’m nervous and excited at the same time about the challenge, although not a water lover, I do try to get down at least 1L of water a day, and so consuming 2.5L is going to be a challenge.

Tee- Romwe
Sunnies- c/o Oakley
Necklace- c/o Jewlz from Linever
BKR Bottle- c/o Blossom Lounge
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelet- BCBG- The Bay
Blazer- RW & Co.
Pants- H&M
Pumps- Le ChateauBKR (1) BKR (8) BKR (1) BKR (7) BKR (5) BKR (6) BKR (3) BKR (9)



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