Shop for Hope Giveaway

Winners and HomeSense have done it again this year, they’ve partnered with the Canadian Women’s Foundation to launch another Shop for Hope Holiday Collection. Not only is this entire collection absolutely stunning, 100% of the net profits help emergency shelters and programs that help women rebuild their lives from abuse, along with prevention programs that teach young people how to stop violence – for good.

Shop for Hope represents the true meaning of the holiday spirit, and is an excellent way to give back this season. Not only is there a little something for everyone on your holiday list, anything from cozy home accessories to festive décor, each piece retails for under $30, ensuring you’ll be able to spoil everyone with meaningful gifts this holiday season.

Don’t forget to treat yourself and create a magical holiday look with the Shop for Hope Line or enter my giveaway below to win the entire collection valued at almost $200. I had so much fun decorating my family room, it’s so warm and cozy now. Don’t be afraid to use wrapping paper as art, wrapped gifts as décor or even keep mugs out all day long as props.
Shop for Hope (2) Shop for Hope (3) Shop for Hope (4) Shop for Hope (5) Shop for Hope (6) Shop for Hope (7)
Shop for Hope (8) Shop for Hope (10) Shop for Hope (11) Shop for Hope (12) Shop for Hope (13) Shop for Hope (15) Shop for Hope (16) Shop for Hope (17) Shop for Hope (18) Shop for Hope (19) Shop for Hope (21)



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  1. My favorite piece is the owl pillow! We all love owls here. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. The blanket

  3. Your family room looks amazing, Amber! My favourite piece has to be all the pillows :)

  4. I like the throw blanket.

  5. the throw and the pillows!

  6. polar bear snow globe

  7. I love the blanket and pillows! Perfect for the cold winter months coming up!

  8. I love the candles and mugs,,,,pretty much all the buffalo plaid stuff, lol.

  9. The pillows are my favorite

  10. I love the Polar Bear Snow Globe

  11. My favorite piece is the tartan throw!

  12. The owl pillow (toy?).

  13. The throw

  14. The throw!

  15. Winners and Homesense are my FAVOURITE stores to shop at, I have to keep my distance or I’ll spend my entire paycheques there. This is a beautiful collection! Love the rustic vibe. Love the polar bear pillow!

  16. since i’m owl obsessed for sure the stuffed owl…need to get out and find it

  17. The plaid blanket!

  18. I love the red plaid throw pillows!!! So hard to pick just one item though!

  19. The polar bear pillow is adorable!

  20. I love pretty much everything!! But pillows & mugs are the best.

  21. I love the polar bear pillow!!

  22. The buffalo plaid throw!

  23. What a absolutely remarkable curation of holiday decor. Shop for Hope is doing phenomenonal work to improve the lives of others. Need those mugs ?

  24. i love the red plaid blanket and the matching pillow

  25. I need those pillows for my living room!

  26. I like the Christmas tree mug and plate.

  27. I’m loving the pillows and blanket.

  28. Tough choice but I would have to go with the pillows!

  29. I love the mugs – gorgeous combination of colours!

  30. the owl pillow definitely its so cute

  31. I love those pillows and they would look nice in my living room

  32. Those mugs are adorable!

  33. I love the mugs!

  34. The polar bear pillow is my favourite! What a cute face!

  35. I love plaid, and what a wonderful cause!

  36. All the items shown would be nice to feature for the holiday season, love them all

  37. I love the plaid owl. So cute!

  38. i collect snow globes so my favourite is the polar bear snow globe

  39. I love the polar bear snow globe.

  40. Love the plaid owl pillow – so cuddly & sweet! Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. The owl pillow! SO CUTE.

  42. the owl pillow

  43. Love the mugs.

  44. Those mugs <3

  45. I like the mug!

  46. how do i decide?i so love the red plaid .i bought my grandson 2 outfits of red plaid as i love it so much and think looks adorable on little ones.hmmm.but which red plaid?im going to go for the candles set.i love the red plaid and how the tree one balances it out really nice.i enjoy candles as well ,so this would be my choice.

  47. I love the colors of the collection this year! The red and black plaid is great and to me
    Screams the holidays ! Super cute ! Loving it !

  48. Really love the buffalo plaid throw!

  49. I am obsessed with plaid! I think the red plaid candle is my favourite though because I love lighting candles, and I’d have a nice plaid jar to re-purpose after.

  50. I love the red plaid theme! I think my favorite is the throw.

  51. I’m a huge pillow junkie so I would say the pillow!!!

  52. I love the theme, too homey feeling. I love the Owl pillow, too cute!

  53. My favorite is the polar bear snow globe.

  54. Really love the buffalo plaid throw!

  55. Love all the buffalo plaid! Those trays look so great.

  56. the owl is my favourite!

  57. I love the buffalo plaid throw!

  58. Love the Santa air mail sack.

  59. The owl pillow is my favourite :D

  60. I love the owl pillow and Christmas tree mugs. If they are spode then the match my Christmas dishes that I keep adding to every year. My Nana got m started and since she has past that is my way to honour her around the holidays.

  61. Hard to choose, but my favourite is the plaid owl. So cute, I would probably keep him out all year!

  62. Everything is so cute, I love it all. The candles and plates are really nice though.

  63. the owl which is super cute

  64. The owl pillow is my fave! So cute!

  65. My favourite is the mugs especially the plaid one.

  66. The snow globe is my favourite piece.

  67. My favourite part of the collection is the polar bear snow globe. It’s adorable but still classy. I love it.

  68. The owl pillow

  69. They are all lovely but my favourite is the plaid owl

  70. It has to be that polar bear pillow!

  71. The bear pillow is my favourite

  72. Really love the buffalo plaid throw so holiday perfect

  73. So many cute items!

  74. Certainly the polar bear snow globe, I so love it!

  75. I love the plaid throw

  76. The owl pillow – I love the shape and the colours.

  77. The Owl Pillow

  78. I love the owl pillow.

  79. The pillows! Absolutely love them!! The owl is so cute!

  80. Love the plaid blanket!

  81. The bear pillow is my favourite

  82. The owl pillow is adorable

    • I agree.

  83. I like the plaid blanket.

  84. i like the wallets and candles

  85. The polar bear pillow, because it looks a lot like my Samoyed!

  86. The Polar Bear Pillow, because I love bears :)

  87. Love the Plaid Stuffed Owl, so cute!

  88. The owl is adorable. I have the mug but will try to find an owl. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I love the candles as I use 8 hour tealights to give a warm glow at dinner time. Afterwards, I cook hot chocolate using pure cocoa powder or cooking chocolate on the stove with almond milk, coconut sugar, pure vanilla & blend before topping with cinnamon or vanilla bean powder (from Home Sense) over vanilla whip cream in a mug. That’s why I love the matching mugs that complements the candles in this collection which are both practical and mood enhancing.

  90. Love it all but the mail sack and polar bear pillow are my favorites! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  91. I really like the mini Christmas tree.

  92. Love the plaid on everything, so Canadiana!

  93. So many great gifts! I really like the plaid blanket to cozy up with on the chair!

  94. I like the white xmas tree candle and mug

  95. Owl pillow. My daughter is fascinated by owl accessories.

  96. I really like the Plaid candle holders.

  97. I love the wolf pillow hahaha

  98. Love the plaid owl!

  99. Love the Plaid Blanket
    Florence C

  100. I like the plaid blanket. It looks so cozy.

  101. I like the pillows

  102. I love how much buffalo check there is!!!

  103. the snow globe

  104. the santa bag

  105. I love the blanket and matching pillows too!

  106. I love the santa sack!

  107. I really like the plaid Owl cushion

  108. The owl cushion…adorable!

  109. I am in awe over the owl pillow ^-^

  110. I love the Owl Pillow and the Mini Tree the most.

  111. The red and black pillow!

  112. I already have the candle and I love it!

  113. I like the plaid blanket.

  114. I really love the plaid blanket!

  115. The plaid pillows for sure!

  116. The Owl pillow is super cute!

  117. I love the throw and pillow!

  118. The plaid throw is my fav and my second pick would be the Owl Pillow!

  119. I love the Owl pillow

  120. I love the Polar Bear pillow!

  121. I love the owl! It is beyond cute!

  122. The plaid pillows are a fav of mine…the polar bear ones are cute too :)

  123. The owl!!! ❤❤❤❤

  124. My favorite piece is the burlap sacked tree

  125. i love the plaid owl

  126. I LOVE the throw pillows! I am always changing mine every season, The polar bear is so so cute!

  127. i love the mugs!

  128. I like the pillow

  129. I like the throw

  130. I love the plaid owl – my daughter would be delighted!

  131. the white owl pillow

  132. love the blanket

  133. I love the Owl pillow

  134. I love all of the plaid, especially the throw blanket and the owl pillow :)

  135. I like the throw

  136. The owl is my favourite!

  137. I love the plaid throw blanket

  138. omg i love them all!!! I would have to say the pillow and throw!

  139. I love the Santa sack.

  140. The polar bear snow globe.

  141. love the plaid throw blanket

  142. Love the Owl pillow!!

  143. I love the plaid throw blanket

  144. The plaid throw blanket

  145. Owl pillow!

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